Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Jimbotron Continues To Tank After Heartbreaking UNC Loss


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The Post UNC loss Jimbotron sunk to an all time low with a score of 69 this week.  The natives are getting restless in Tallahassee with two losses in two close games. I’ll give credit to the voters, they didn’t panic with the loss to the Wolfpack, but the loss to the Tar Heels is two in a row with Clemson, a possibly better than expected Maryland and a resurgent Florida looming. Is it possible that 8-4 might not be achieved? It seemingly all rests on the Clemson game this weekend (assuming a win over Maryland or Florida).  Also of note is the doubtful status of Christian Ponder at QB who is still suffering from issues with his throwing elbow / burst bursa sac injury. E.J. Manuel has already proven he can win as the starter (3-1 last year after Ponder’s season ending injury) but I understand why some fans might move into the “Not Sure” camp right now. I fear how low this might go if the Noles can’t pick up the victory against the Tigers at Doak, or if Florida gets their act together so much that the season ends in a blowout.

Those of course are just possibilities. It’s also possible that the Noles win out with a tightened up defense and a clicking offense. I agree with Jimbo Fisher that the character of this team seems to be much better than the last few years. They just need to figure out how to finish off an opponent. Keep an eye to the news for Christian Ponder’s status and get out there to root on the Noles if you can. Right now it appears as if Saturday’s game will have plenty of seats available. As always, Go Noles!


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    Kind of looks like the Obamatron.