Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

On The Warpath Volume 14: Soccer, Football And Other Stuff That Angers Me


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It’s been a long time, but I’m finally cranky enough to write another OTW. CRANKY. YOU HEARD IT RIGHT.

On FSU Soccer And ACC Commie, I mean Commissioner Swofford:

  • Jim Lamar at the Tallahassee Democrat said it best, ACC Needs A Lesson In Sportsmanship. He highlights pretty much everything I would have ranted about here. The entire situation is a bunch of garbage whether you think what FSU did was right or wrong. I’m all for fixing this “problem” moving forward, but how the ACC can fine FSU for doing nothing illegal is beyond me. Is Swofford going to fill out the lineups for teams now too? All this will do is cause false injury reports in the future.
  • Suggestions that I liked on Twitter (my apologies for not remembering who Tweeted them) – 1. Have them all stand still next year on the field. 2. Have them carry their books out to the field, sit down and do homework. The ACC can’t BE AGAINST HOMEWORK CAN THEY?
  • “Tobacco Road Mafia” is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve read in a while thanks to Jim Lamar’s article.

On FSU Fans At Doak Campbell Stadium

  • Listen, I’m a big guy. I understand the pain of big folks sitting in Doak, but seriously I don’t HANG OVER INTO THE ROW behind me. Sit up straight and or lean forward a bit. And if your seat cushion has a back to it, make sure it’s not hanging into my row. Also, pressing your back into my knee ISN’T GOING TO MAKE MY KNEE MOVE, it’s just going to hurt your spine. I HAVE A PERSONAL SPACE BUBBLE, PLEASE STOP VIOLATING IT.
  • I realize it’s Homecoming, but when you’re 40+ you are NOT the SORORITY chick you once were. Being hammered and trying to dress like you’re 20 isn’t cute, it’s sad and pathetic. It’s even worse when you have no desire to actually WATCH THE GAME or CHEER. Take your iPhone and go back to the tailgate.
  • Hey students, why were there empty seats during the 3rd and 4th quarter? The game was close, what else do you want?

On Low Attendance

  • It’s not the weather. It’s not the start times. It’s as simple as money. People will not spend the limited amount of money on something they don’t value. They don’t value a mediocre FSU team that on the surface appears to be making the same mistakes as last year. That doesn’t make them bad fans.
  • Be prepared for more empty seats next year. Regardless of what you think about Governor-elect Scott’s politics, he wants to make state government smaller. In Leon County that likely means less jobs, which means less money to spend on going to an FSU football game.



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  1. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    Great article by Jim Lamar. All FSU fans should read it! Thanks for the link.