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It’s Okay To Panic A Little Bit Now Noles


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I’ve been preaching for everyone in the Seminole Nation to remain calm. But, after last night’s performance in another close game I understand where some folks frustrations are coming from. North Carolina did everything they could short of not scoring on offense to give the game to Florida State and the Seminoles couldn’t put it away. Dropped balls, high throws, missed field goals, a generally pathetic kickoff return game again. We now know who the 2010 Noles are thanks to the back-loaded schedule that featured lots of tasty cupcakes up front and a rough second half of the schedule.

Is it time for full out panic and time to call for Jimbo Fisher’s head like some fans are starting to do? No, of course not. The Noles haven’t even played a full season under Fisher. Mark Stoops hasn’t had a full year yet to implement his defense or get “his guys” in the system and it takes time to flush out the apathy that was allowed in previous seasons. Full panic can’t start for another season and half. At the same time, is there cause for concern? Sure, because there are some recurring themes in the stands that don’t seem to have an obvious answer. To the fully uneducated, but passionate eye (my own) here’s what bugged me yesterday:

  • Greg Reid. He was burned twice for two TDs and had one good return on a kickoff when it was desperately needed. I remain unimpressed overall, because the swag doesn’t match the results when playing teams with any sort of decent talent. One of yesterday’s featured Smartest Seminole questions was Peter Warrick. Number 9 had swag, but also seemed to back it up most in the big games.
  • The wide receivers as a whole have highs and lows all game. There average at best to my eye and just don’t do a whole lot for me. Years ago there was always a good mix of speed, hands and desire. This crew flashes it at times, but isn’t consistent about it.
  • The offensive line is offensive at times. One play in particular drove me nuts yesterday. Three lineman to the left,with 3 defenders to block. Jermaine Thomas was poised for a big gain and one of the lineman flat out missed the block, limiting Thomas to a few yards instead of 20+.
  • Regarding the crowd (70, 157 announced), I have tons of sympathy for those that can’t make it to the game for whatever reason. I’m not talking to you folks that can’t show up. What I don’t understand is how the fans that do show up to Doak seem to be totally uninterested in the game for much of it. Even yesterday it was late arriving and even some of the students left after the halftime show. Seriously?
  • Dustin Hopkins. I’m all for ya man, but as I always say about kickers. You have one job, make kicks. I said to be ready in the Gut Reaction Prediction and it didn’t pan out. Be ready next week.
  • Jimbo Fisher. I don’t get the call at the end of the game to waste over 1:30 trying to hold UNC to a field goal. Hopkins had just missed and the defense couldn’t stop anything. My armchair coaching was all for letting UNC score and then trying to score our own TD with 2:00+ and 3 time outs.

I support the team always, but yesterday was disappointing. Clemson gave the Noles control of their own destiny again and FSU squandered it again. I don’t have a lot of positives to think about right now, because they’re nothing new. The offense scores points, but not enough and there’s just tons of inconsistency surrounding the game. I’m concerned about Clemson, a sort of better than expected Maryland team on the road and of course Florida. Will the Noles go 0-3 over the next three games? I doubt it, but 1-2 is looking like a stronger case than I thought two weeks ago which would put the Noles at 7-5 headed to a bowl game and below my expectations of 8-4 in the preseason. That would be highly disappointing and provide even more empty seats at Doak for 2011.


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  1. Gary MorganNo Gravatar says:

    Well stated my friend! A spoiled fanbase makes it hard to have sympathy for anyone other than some of the players. Ponder and Fisher have seemed shell shocked all of the year. Mark Stoops may end up a coaching legend (but I doubt it will be at FSU) I just don’t see what made him such a great hire… Other than who his brother is. Like with Jimbo, he got his rub from the Saban ties, there should be a point where YOUR resume alone gets you the prestigious jobs. Oh well, there is still hope! A win vs Clemson will remedy alot. A win vs Maryland will really help. A win vs Florida would make the FSU fans feel as if we won the BCS title. I am cautious, but hopeful… Go Noles!

  2. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    NoleCC, I can’t add to your game comments except to say that you are right!

    I would like to comment more on the fans! This is what happens when the team isn’t winning. Even true fans start to be annoyed with some of the conditions! Some of these obnoxious situations are just individuals who think the whole world revolves around them. Other conditions would be solved if tickets were checked officially at all points during the game.

    Leave your drinking at the Tailgate! You have had more than enough when you come to the stands! We are not impressed with your bad language and your bad attitudes while you slug your
    Doctored Colas! Go back to Tailgate!

    Special Note: If you are going to cheat on your wife and family, do not show up at a game (a major public event) with your girlfriend, and not expect your son and his friends might see you and explosively react! (Actual occurrence right near us, when the gray heads first assumed that the young man who came charging at the older man was some punk! Quickly, the story came out that it was the young man’s father and he was not with his mother!)

    Fans are not allowed to smoke, and this should include chewing tobacco, because your spitting into a water bottle or an empty container does not please anyone other than your immediate family!
    Take a good look at the space you leave behind. Maybe if you actually had to clean up after yourself, you might keep that disgusting habit for the confines of your home. I only hope that your home is not in the same condition as the stands, after you leave!

    Would someone please explain to the the fans that there is a polite way to enter and exit a row, and a proper time? Okay, wait for the next down while the huddle and line-ups are occurring, or during a TV or Coach’s time-out, then get to your seat without pushing and shoving other fans or worse. Also, come to your seat before the kick-off, settle in, and don’t be disturbing everyone unless it is an emergency before the end of the first quarter.

    Okay, someone has to address the bench hogs. There are two kinds. The lumpy and the lonely!

    Lumpy people are welcome, but if you are thick and or wide, you are not entitled to encroach on
    the row behind your big behind! There are two fans near us who offend, when instead of sitting up straight and leaning forward, they plant their cushions three inches into the aisle behind them, and then plunk their generous butts and slide another inch backwards while leaning into the knees of fans, who are properly seated.

    The lonely are welcomed too but there are limits! For example, some fans on the shady side of the field, invite friends to join them from the sunny side, when the temperature is high. They disregard the comfort of the fans who truly belong on the same bench and the ones in front or behind! Then talk, talk, talk to each other, instead of paying attention to the game. Save it for the tailgate!

    Can someone explain to the fans? that the WAVE should only be performed when the defense is on the field?

    How about understanding that you need to start the noise on the 3rd down when the opposing team breaks the huddle, not while the TV ref is still on the field?

    Boy two last minute losses! I just needed to vent!

  3. smnolNo Gravatar says:

    I have been uber supportive of this team and staff this year. I realize it is a process and that there will be ups and downs. Honestly though, the excitement for this season has come to an end. Two inexcusable losses to inferior teams. One a 14 point halftime lead on the road, the other a 7 point halftime lead at home getting the ball in the second half. Jimbo is in his first full year, but these two losses back to back get coaches on the hot seat in years three or four.
    Regardless of how the season unfolds, I will continue to attend every home game and cheer on the Noles, but these two losses have left me feeling hurt and bitter. Maybe the Jimbotron needs another option….Right Track, But Behind Schedule.

  4. Josh StoneNo Gravatar says:

    the ACC Atlantic can still be won with wins over Clemson AND Maryland as well as one NC Staet loss, who still have Wae Forest, at North Carolina, and at Maryland left on the Wokfpak schedule. A loss by the Noles will end any chance of the division. The Noles need the support of the fans for the remaning games! Dont give up just yet.