Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Belated Gut Reaction Prediction – UNC vs FSU Seminoles


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Once again, I’m short on time this week. My apologies. Here’s my quick prediction for tomorrow’s game.


  • Let me give credit where it’s due. Christian Ponder settled in against N.C. State and threw some very nice balls. He looked good as the game went on. Perhaps his WRs could get open for him this weekend?
  • Run the ball. Run the ball. Run the ball. Why do we seem to wait so long to get the running game going?
  • Hey offensive line, you’re pretty good, but you need to be even better.
  • Please, seriously, no more silly triple reverse option plays. Just stop, please.


  • You’re better than last year, but not elite. That’s okay. Let’s just work with the “bend” part of “bend but don’t break” more often than the “break” okay?
  • I enjoy watching Xavier Rhodes at CB, even more than Greg Reid.
  • The Tallahassee Sack Exchange needs to continue this weekend. I love watching the Noles sack the competition, because it reminds me of the late 90′s.

Special Teams

  • I have a feeling that Dustin Hopkins will be kicking for the win on Saturday. It just seems like that kind of situation is long overdue.
  • I don’t expect the kickoff return game to miraculously improve, even though it was a focus of practice during the week.


  • Even with Homecoming festivities I’m not sure how many empty seats will be at Doak. A quick check of what can be purchased at reveals that plenty are available and the best available is somewhere in the middle of Section 225. Does that mean the upper sections of the South End Zone are empty yet again?
  • Weather. The Tallahassee heat and humidity ran out of here yesterday for the rest of 2010. Advantage to no one now.


Let’s be honest, North Carolina is better than we though but still down a bunch of players thanks to that agent scandal. (I really, really, really, don’t care about hearing about it anymore either.) Do the Noles face the Tar Heels that took LSU to the brink or the team that lost to Miami by 23? The Tar Heels have a ton to play for on Saturday and the outcome can make or break a big part of the season for them with ranked opponents over the next 3 weeks. They are more talented than most fans understand and will play a close game in Tallahassee.

The Noles rebounded well after Oklahoma and I suspect they will play a good game against UNC. It’s FSU Homecoming, but the crowd might be less than desired. On top of it, homecoming crowds aren’t always the rowdiest bunch, so I don’t expect it to be an overly loud crowd either. If history is correct, the Noles are going to start slow again. I’m betting that UNC doesn’t. Hopefully the halftime defensive adjustments work well this week for FSU and the offense clicks against the Tar Heels. Either way I think it’s close and comes down to a last second attempt by Dustin Hopkins.

Noles 23 Tar Heels 21

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