Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Gut Reaction Prediction – FSU vs Boston College Eagles


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So what do I think is going to happen on Saturday against the Boston College Eagles?

Game Thoughts:

  • I expect a flat first quarter at least from the team thanks to that huge Miami win. Plus, when I’ve seen the Noles in person this season, it’s always felt like it takes the better part of a quarter for them to get going.
  • The punt return game will look flat again thanks to Boston College’s 9th ranked coverage team, BUT the kickoff return game should fair much better (B.C. ranks 86rd nationally).
  • My feeling is that the Noles will win this one, but the score will be closer than it should be. I’m okay with that since it will give Jimbo Fisher and Mark Stoops something to yell about next week before a traditionally sketchy-for-FSU Thursday night game against N.C. State on October 28.
  • When is Christian Ponder going to have a big game? He doesn’t need to with the rushing attack doing so well, but it feels like CP7 is long overdue.
  • Chase Rettig needs to keep his head on a swivel. So far the FSU defense likes to gobble up opposing QBs.
  • Lots of eyes should be on the Noles out in TV-land thanks to College Gameday as a lead-in on ESPN.
  • The weather should be fantastic at game time, sunny in the mid to upper 70s for the duration of the game. Hello October!

Other Thoughts:

  • Thanks to parents weekend at FSU and that big win over Miami, attendance should be up, but I still think Doak will be short of full capacity thanks to all of the factors I’ve talked about here and on Twitter for the last few weeks.
  • News is that the students sold out their 16,000 tickets allotment and FSU opened up more for them to use.
  • Noon games continue to plague Seminole fans everywhere. Breakfast tailgate, again. Ugh.
  • Coffee Cake will be served to the NoleCC family. Standard Edition, I’m not messing around with chocolate chips or coconut this weekend.
  • Usually the BC game is when FSU broke out the black uniforms. I hope there are no gimmicks this weekend, since Garnet & Gold is working for FSU. (Unless they want to break out the Garnet / Garnet (not Pro-Combat) since I love that combo).


The Noles might be flat through the first quarter or two, but I think they’ll move to 6-1 when all is said and done. Six wins is HUGE, because the Noles will be bowl eligible already. That’s fantastic! I look forward to an entertaining game down a Doak Campbell Stadium this weekend.

Noles 31 Boston College Eagles 17

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  1. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    I saw some recognition last Saturday about how important it is to get going in the first half in order to set the stage for the convincing win. Coach Fisher and his staff are preparing our Seminoles for taking command. I think it is a combination of good coaching, good training, good nutrition and generally, good vibes! Even Christian Ponder touched on this subject this week which shows that the team leader is striving to be in the game right from the start. All of the players have shown improvement week to week. I expect a another big win this week with the gap wider than you predict!