Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Preliminary Blogpoll Ballot 2010 – Week 5


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The top five was easy for me this week. Alabama remains my number 1 team until they look horrible for multiple weeks or lose. Great teams find a way to win and the Crimson Tide survived Arkansas. In Arkansas’ favor, I didn’t penalize them much for the loss. They lose 1 position. Oregon remains my choice for #2 and Ohio State #3. It’s still early in the season so my bias against Ohio State and the Big Televentwelve is reasonable. The out of conference scheduling for them is a joke. Boise earned a move back up to #4 just as much as Texas gave it to them.

Speaking of Texas, I struggled with ranking them. They’ve looked mediocre at best and I don’t believe that UCLA is suddenly a capable team. There was no excuse for the Longhorns to be embarrassed at home like that. It was disgusting really.

Teams that earned respect on my ballot this week. Auburn, Stanford, Michigan and N.C. State. Auburn beat a South Carolina team that I think is very good. Stanford beat a crappy Michigan team, but the Cardinal looks like a contender out west. I never thought I’d say that. Michigan is for real as long as their laceless QB is healthy and evidently Tom O’Brien can win games when he has a healthy team. We’ll find out more this weekend when they play Virginia Tech the ACC’s worst nightmare that any ACC fan with a brain should root against in conference play this season.

If you think I should change something, leave a comment and I’ll consider it before final submission tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Preliminary Blogpoll Ballot 2010 – Week 5”
  1. winfield featherstonNo Gravatar says:

    Stanford played ND but who’s counting? I’ll bet oklahoma and Auburn create the biggest controversies of all polls.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Yeah, the vote of confidence for Stanford is less about ND and more for the fact that Stanford looks solid to me and I think they’ll play with anyone in the Pac-10, including USC and Oregon.

  2. bsmith120276No Gravatar says:

    I think you have Auburn ranked a little high. Their only win on the road was at Mississippi State. it iwll be later on in the season before we know how good they really are. Though, their schedule does setup nicely for them with their only tough road game coming at Alabama. The winner of the Iron bowl will be headed to the SEC championship game and likely the BCS NC game.