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Hi everyone, I wanted to alert you to a new link at the top of the blog in the menu “Tumblr.” What’s Tumblr? It’s somewhere in between the full on and my Twitter account. I plan to use Tumblr for a few things here at

  • Random photo posts – From time to time I see a shirt that is just too ugly to carry the Garnet and Gold or a weird item at a store or a weird fan. I’ve just never had a good way to grab my cell phone and post a picture. Tumblr lets me do that easily. So if I have a random photo I’d like to share with you guys, I’ll post it to the Tumblr site.
  • Audio posts – I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do yet with my audio posts. Perhaps I’ll introduce you to the 1 minute or less pregame and postgame thoughts.
  • Other random crap that I don’t want to save for a full post – There are plenty of times that I read a quote or see a clip of something that I’d like to share with my FSU friends, but it never fit my vision for a post here on the site. Tumblr is how I plan to do that too.

Bookmark that Tumblr link above (it’s integrated with the site here) or feel free to check in at more often as we head into the 2010 FSU Football season.

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