Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Ratcheting Back The Posting Schedule


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Hi everyone, I thought I share some news regarding ScalpEm.com and my thought process about the site lately:

  • For quite a while I’ve thought about closing up shop here for various reasons. The last year of my life vastly changed my outlook about what is important to me and what isn’t important. With that said, I always love the Seminoles so following my school will always have some level of importance in my life.
  • So what’s happening? I’m not putting the site into archive mode. However, there will not be as ambitious of a posting schedule here as there was in the past. This is likely the last year that I will be a season ticket holder for FSU football and I’d like to enjoy it with out my own imposed feeling of obligation to upload photos and immediately write about the game. I just want to be a fan and watch the games without lugging the camera or taking notes.
  • I’m focusing on quality over quantity. Tomahawk Nation does it particularly well (although they have a ton of quick hitting quantity too, but it’s segregated nicely), in the sense that they aren’t always first but they are almost always the most thorough. They don’t take part in the two paragraph crap out there that I see too often in sports blogging. Sure,I can be the 8th guy to weigh in on something, but I’d rather not be a part of the noise.
  • As for that senseless stuff there’s a great forum for that called Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter where I’ll┬ápost some of the off the wall short thoughts I have about the Noles.
  • This will continue to be a place that is dedicated to talking about Seminole Softball. I had high hopes for the Tallahassee Democrat, but now that they’ve moved to a subscription model the free sources of news about the team are once again very limited.
  • I thank you all for reading and I hope that you continue to check in a couple of times per week, especially when the season gets rolling, the Jimbotron Fan Confidence Meter polls weekly and On The Warpath makes the occasional return.

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