Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Full disclosure: I’m a reformed tailgate addict. I used to tailgate with a bunch of friends, have a 20×10 tent with screens, friends that had tables, chairs and grills (oh my!). Basically, it used to be an all day affair for me. Now, not so much. I tend to enjoy the home A/C for as […]

Sure, some other sites might have interviews with former players, coaches or in depth analysis. BUT DO THEY HAVE AN INTERVIEW WITH NOLE HULK (follow him on Twitter)? NO, I think not!!! NOLE HULK has very limited time to chat with us thanks to his obligations at the FSU Mag Lab, but he was kind […]

Michael Frazier of H.B. Plant High School in Tampa is a player Florida State verbally offered a scholarship more than eight months ago despite being just a sophomore. And Frazier, a 6-4, 185 pound SG, is a player that FSU fans would really enjoy seeing play at the Civic Center. The statistics alone tell you […]

Hi everyone, I wanted to alert you to a new link at the top of the blog in the menu “Tumblr.” What’s Tumblr? It’s somewhere in between the full on and my Twitter account. I plan to use Tumblr for a few things here at Random photo posts – From time to time […]

Hi everyone, I thought I share some news regarding and my thought process about the site lately: For quite a while I’ve thought about closing up shop here for various reasons. The last year of my life vastly changed my outlook about what is important to me and what isn’t important. With that said, […]

Here are some quick thoughts about Mike Martin, Jr. and the possibility that he could become the head coach at South Alabama: First up, congratulations to “Meat.” Even if he doesn’t get the job, the fact that he’s being interviewed is great and shows that other schools know he’s doing a good job coaching up […]

I was reading through my RSS feeds yesterday when I started to see the beginning of the EA Sports sponsored posts at SB Nation. Mind you, this isn’t just Tomahawk Nation, but a network wide sponsorship deal with EA guiding the topics of one post per day for the duration of the week. I’m curious, […]

The July 2010 Jimbotron Fan Confidence Meter is showing a bit of patriotism this month, even though there is yet another decline in fan confidence. In fact, we’ve seen a steady decline since the beginning of March, when the Jimbotron was at an all time high. Why? News out of FSU continues to be great. […]