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I’m Still Proud Of FSU Baseball


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Yeah, last night’s meltdown against TCU looked bad. There are a plethora of meltdown Tweets, Facebook statuses and posts today. FSU fans will call for Mike Martin’s head on a platter. They’ll scream for Shouppe to be fired. Rightfully so. I’m not arguing that there are problems. I understand the frustration that surrounds the FSU Baseball program. I’ve been watching it for years. The first few times it’s easy to wait for another season. The last few years it’s the same old broken record, up and down with mediocre pitching.

Either way, I don’t feel like harping on that this morning. I’d rather focus on the players. Three weeks ago I figured the Noles had no chance to do much of anything in the ACC Tournament or in the playoffs. Today I sit here looking at the 2010 ACC Champions that survived regionals and super regionals, lost to a damn good TCU pitcher in Game 1 of the CWS, eliminated the Gators (thankfully) and then had a meltdown against a good TCU team. It hurts, it looks bad, but as a whole it’s a pretty good overall season.

I’d love to see the Noles win a College World Series. I’m not sure whether or not that will happen, even in a post Mike Martin era. The way the playoffs are set up it’s not always about the best team, it’s about the hottest teams at the end of the season. FSU was one of those hot teams this season, but they ran out of pitching and out of luck. Either way, this team was far more entertaining, won more games and was more enjoyable to watch that I originally thought when I was freezing in Dick Howser Stadium back in February. Congratulations to the 2010 FSU Baseball team, see you at Dick Howser next spring!


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  1. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    Gah! “Luck”! Gah! Maybe Mike Martin needs to buy a rabbit’s foot. Or 20. Yes, congrats to the players for overachieving. They’ve been better than the football team recently. They even made it a round further than the basketball team. However, the football team is under new management and the basketball team is building a name for itself. The baseball team is stuck in neutral. Individual kudos and a collective disappointment.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      Normally I’m not for the “luck” factor, but this team’s talent was subpar when compared to most of the CWS field. I thought they were lucky to get hot at the end of the season and make it that far.

  2. Think of it this way…at least you had the opportunity to scream for Mike Martin’s head on a platter because he made a decision in the CWS.

  3. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    Mike Martin has repeatedly said that the game win or lose is all about the boys. This sounds great when the young men win, but what about when they lose?
    The boys don’t have control over the strategy of the game.
    The boys have to take ownership of the errors. Big fielding mistakes were made over and over again during the season and continued into the playoffs and CWS. TCU scored many of the runs last night because of fielding errors.
    The weakness of our pitching came during the season and continued til the sad end last night. Do we blame the boys?
    No, I think we have to look toward the recruiting, coaching and training of the individuals. I believe we have seen the pitchers start out the season with brilliance and end it with injuries or losing stats. Why?

  4. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    Nole CC,
    Is there any chance you could put up an FSU Baseball Confidence Chart next season? I’d like to submit a vote of “No Confidence” in Mike Martin.
    Ok, the team overachieved. Good for them. But it’s another loss for an underachieving coach. If you pin the entire advancement on the streak of the players, then Martin had nothing to do with it. The players got the team that far. For example, I could manage a team that scores 20 runs a game and whose pitchers throw no-hitters every time. But that doesn’t make me a good manager. And if they lose 21-20 in a final, I failed because I added nothing to the table.


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