Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Let’s Go Noles!


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I’ve told you before, I’m a New York Mets fan. As a Mets fan I’m used to lots of disappointment. Sure there was 1986, but then there was also the implosion of the “dominant” team in 1988 to the Los Angeles Dodgers. I guess my point is that I don’t expect much from them usually, but I still watch. I still root for them. I still have hope, and I don’t get too wound up about what they’re doing. I just hope for the best at this point.

The same premise goes for FSU Baseball this weekend in Omaha. Do I expect much from a self proclaimed bunch of nobodies? No. Does history tell me that it’s likely that FSU will lose two games and be headed back to Tallahassee quickly? Probably. Such is the life of an FSU Baseball fan. The team always seems to do better when we least expect it, or they get hot at exactly the wrong time.┬áIs 2010 any different? If I wanted to dive into the stats, probably not. The pitching is mediocre at best and the hitting is streaky. But as a Mets fan, I also know about miracle seasons like 1969 and 1986. Maybe I’ll be able to fit 2010 into that as a Seminoles fan?

I understand the value in criticizing the coaches or the team. I get it, I really do, especially when there are obvious flaws. I don’t suddenly think certain players are miraculously better than they were all season just because this team is in Omaha. I don’t think a miraculous enlightenment of pitching coaches will occur. More and more, criticizing everyone just isn’t fun. It’s arrogant at times, silly often and doesn’t accomplish much other than spewing hot air. So for the next week or so, let’s suspend the criticism and root for our Noles. Hope, pray, perform your pregame meal rituals, watch the game from a different seat, hex the opponents, whatever. Do whatever you need to do as a fan to get the Noles mojo right for a win.

Let’s Go Noles!


3 Responses to “Let’s Go Noles!”
  1. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    1986 wasn’t a miracle season. It was a miracle World Series. They crushed the competition from Day 1 during the season. The Mets were overachievers in 1969, 73, and probably 99. Not 86.

    Anyway, Go Noles!

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Fair point about ’86 Jordi… I guess I just view the Mets winning as a miracle in general. haha. I suppose Dr. K, Ronnie, & Sid were just plain good. So good point.

  2. Bill From TampaNo Gravatar says:

    Well that was a fun outcome tonight. :-)If nothing else, if we don’t win another game, at least we can say we sent the gatros (their …) aka crocs of XXVI home first.