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2010 Tallahassee Super Regional Fan Primer


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What? – The 2010 Tallahassee Super Regional

When? – Friday, June 11 (Noon), Saturday, June 12 (1pm) & Sunday, June 13 (1pm, if necessary)

Who? – Our beloved, suddenly overachieving, Florida State Seminoles vs. the Vanderbilt Commodores

Tips That Will Help You Survive:

I thought that I’d throw together a quick primer for fans that are heading to the Tallahassee Super Regional this weekend. I’ve been to many regionals and super regionals over the years at Dick Howser Stadium. I’ll be there in person this weekend! A good place to start before heading to any game at Dick Howser Stadium, is my 10 Tips For Visiting Dick Howser Stadium post. Playoff time is a bit different though, so I have some additional thoughts to help you survive the weekend.

First off, the weather in Tallahassee this time of year is normally hot. So far this spring it’s been EXTREMELY hot and humid. We’re looking at mid-90′s all weekend, which is pretty typical for this time of year. There probably won’t be a lot of cloud cover. If you are sitting anywhere in the sun (the bleachers, or the lower section not covered by the roof) then be prepared with plenty of sunscreen, a good hat or baseball cap, appropriate clothing (I like Dri-Fit shirts myself) and plenty of cash for refreshments. Trust me, it’s HOT. You will sweat up a storm. Garnet seats don’t help reflect the heat either. The fact that the stadium will be packed doesn’t help, and breezes are at the whim of mother nature. There is really no where to avoid it, even the 2nd tier that is shaded mostly is a sweat-fest. I cannot emphasize the heat at Dick Howser this time of year enough. Consider this your warning.

Second, the weather also changes on a whim this time of year. Right now we’re looking at a 30% chance of Thunderstorms. What does that mean historically? It means that we’ll probably have a shower at the stadium on Saturday or Sunday (Friday looks clear right now). It’ll be hot and sticky. If you’re in the bleachers or the front section, prepare to take cover. Also, it’s a smart idea to have a cooler out in the car with refreshments, just in case something severe comes by and they clear the stadium for safety reasons. Either that or head to one of the restaurants on Pensacola Street for a lengthy delay.

Third, be prepared as a Seminole fan. Make sure you have your FSU gear on and that you’re ready to create a home field advantage for the N! O! L! E! S! Noles! This means paying attention to the game and cheering. I’m guilty of socializing during the regular season (seriously, when the beat down of a lesser team is on, it’s hard to pay attention), but during the playoffs it’s time to help The Animals out with cheering. It’s time to cheer the Noles, it’s time to help them get to Omaha.

Fourth, I’ll reiterate a point that I made in the 10 Tips article. Walk around the stadium. This is an “NCAA” event, and I’ve always enjoyed checking out the big board of the tournament, which is usually located between the 1B stands and the RF bleachers.

Finally, be gracious to the Vanderbilt Commodores fans and parents. Part of the reason that FSU gets so many opportunities to host post-season events is because of the atmosphere. It’s competitive and intense, but it’s never douchey in my experience. Don’t be “That Fan.”

If you’re going, enjoy the weekend! If not, check out the games on ESPN. And either way, remember that I’m on a never ending quest to find the perfect NCAA baseball playoff food, M&M’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, in the stadium. If only Aramark would bring them back.


7 Responses to “2010 Tallahassee Super Regional Fan Primer”
  1. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    “Finally, be gracious to the Vanderbilt Commodores fans and parents.”

    Especially to the family of Mike Yastrzemski. His father, Mike Sr. played for FSU in the 80′s. I plan on clapping for him on his 1st AB.

  2. BennettNo Gravatar says:

    Noles fans, definitely check it out this weekend. I’ve been to so many regionals and super regionals because of FSU’s success, and it’s just a really cool event to go to, as a Nole, as a Commodore, as a sports fan in general. Dick Howser Stadium always does a great job of hosting, and I’m sure we’ll see some good baseball this week, too. Definitely worth going to!

  3. Bill From TampaNo Gravatar says:

    This would ALMOST be the perfect time for me to go up there to catch these games. I say ALMOST. I;m going to have to settle for watching it on TV which is better than nothing.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Bummer. I think you get screwed on the TV deal too, since ESPN is leaving their HD cameras at home for our SR from what I saw.

      • Bill From TampaNo Gravatar says:

        No HD but that’s alright. At least I got to see it. Turned out to be a heck of a game to watch.


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