Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

The Pensacola News Journal has an article today from the Tallahassee Democrat’s own Corey Clark (I love syndicated content) indicating that when all is said and done by September 4, the first game of the Jimbo Fisher era, the Seminoles will have around 35,000 season ticket holders. That number is exactly the same as last […]

As we saw last night in the NBA draft, Solomon was surprisingly selected 50th in the draft by Dallas who traded him to Toronto not soon after picking him. Even the few mock drafts that had him going in the second round didn’t have him going that low and most had him late in the […]

Yeah, last night’s meltdown against TCU looked bad. There are a plethora of meltdown Tweets, Facebook statuses and posts today. FSU fans will call for Mike Martin’s head on a platter. They’ll scream for Shouppe to be fired. Rightfully so. I’m not arguing that there are problems. I understand the frustration that surrounds the FSU […]

I realize that this isn’t directly about FSU Sports, but this is something that will affect the readers out there. On July 1, Tallahassee’s only local newspaper, The Tallahassee Democrat website is switching to a subscription based model. As far as I can tell, that means the local beat writers for FSU Sports will no […]

I’ve told you before, I’m a New York Mets fan. As a Mets fan I’m used to lots of disappointment. Sure there was 1986, but then there was also the implosion of the “dominant” team in 1988 to the Los Angeles Dodgers. I guess my point is that I don’t expect much from them usually, […]

(Note: This is a primer for FSU fans courtesy of Spit Blood, a TCU Horned Frogs blog. You can follow The Finch on Twitter for your TCU info. You can find my FSU primer for Horned Frogs over at Spit Blood if you’re interested in that. Thanks again to Spit Blood for filling us in […]

I know, I know. I tweeted the other day that I couldn’t care less about conference realignment. I was being a bit facetious because my Twitter home feed was crapped up with endless tweets on the subject. In reality, there are a billion reasons to care or not care. At the end of the day, […]

I don’t know about you, but I’m proud of this FSU Baseball team. Sure, I was ready to eat Tums on Sunday when it looked like the Noles might try to give away a trip to Omaha to Vanderbilt. But, in the end, they pulled it together and advanced in one of the most unlikely […]

What? – The 2010 Tallahassee Super Regional When? – Friday, June 11 (Noon), Saturday, June 12 (1pm) & Sunday, June 13 (1pm, if necessary) Who? – Our beloved, suddenly overachieving, Florida State Seminoles vs. the Vanderbilt Commodores Tips That Will Help You Survive: I thought that I’d throw together a quick primer for fans that […]

As I did late last year with Toney Douglas, and the year before – again late – with Al Thorton, I’m keeping a close eye on the potential NBA draft status of soon-to-be former Seminole center Solomon Alabi. Instead of posting after the June 24th NBA draft, I figured I would put together a preview […]