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FSU Softball Heads To Athens Regional


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Thoughts On FSU At The ACC Tournament:

  • Once again, Georgia Tech handed FSU their collective rear ends. This time it was in the ACC Championship game. As @WFeatherston so skillfully tweeted me, “Well at least FSU scored.” MORAL VICTORIES SUCK.

Thoughts On FSU’s Overall Season:

  • In Coach Lonnie Alameda’s second season, the Noles are actually behind what they did last year, when they hosted an NCAA Regional here in Tallahassee. This trend needs to stop next season, Alameda’s third.
  • Don’t blame the offense. The bats improved immensely. As a team the Noles are hitting nearly 30 points higher than last year, AND they hit for more power (.419 SLG% vs .366 last year) and they got on base more (.382 OBP vs .341 last year).  The power numbers need to continue to go up in the coming years for the Noles to become an elite team.
  • Okay, I lied a bit about the offense not taking any blame. Although they hit better, they left a WHOPPING 431 runners ON BASE in 2010. 431! Last year they left only 372 on base for the whole season. On the bright side, they’re getting more on as a function of better hitting, but they need to be more productive.
  • Here’s looking at you pitching staff. The pitching started off strong, but then horribly underachieved this season. This year the Noles posted a seemingly good 1.90 ERA, but it doesn’t hold a candle to last year’s 1.16 ERA. Both Sarah Hamilton and Terese Gober regressed from 2009 campaigns, posting worse stats in nearly every category. The only bright spot was that both pitchers cut down on walks, but at the expense of giving up more hits. Plus, we’re not done with the season quite yet.
  • Don’t forget about the defense either. I said at the beginning of the season that the Noles would have to play great defense to be an elite team. They did not. In fact, they regressed from last year’s team, posting a FLD% of .967 this year (vs. .971). They’re committing more errors, in less chances and that’s definitely not a good thing.
  • I don’t believe we will see FSU rise above the 16-25 area in the rankings any time in the next few years. There is too much talent elsewhere. Pay attention to all of the youngsters contributing on elite teams when the tournament is on ESPN.

On FSU In The NCAA / WCWS Tournament:

  • The Noles head to the Athens Regional, where they’ll face national seed Georgia, Radford and Elon. Tickets are on sale if you’re heading that way or already in the area. I’ll have to rely on Gametracker, which means if you send a carrier pigeon to Athens, you’ll get the score before I do. You can purchase tickets on the Georgia website.
  • Oddly enough, if the pitching can hold up, the Seminoles have a chance to advance out of Athens and to the Super Regional. FSU beat the Dawgs 4-3, in Athens, earlier this year. They have the talent to do it, but they are inconsistent.
  • I think even if FSU gets out of Athens, they still don’t have a realistic shot of heading out to Oklahoma City.

Thoughts On The Selection Show on ESPNU:

  • I don’t care who is a hall of famer and who isn’t, but the broadcast crew for ESPNU’s Selection Show was brutal. It was so dead obvious that nobody researched any of the teams that I could have done the show. Just hand me the cue car with the assorted cliches and phrases and I’ll be good to go.

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7 Responses to “FSU Softball Heads To Athens Regional”
  1. NoleitNo Gravatar says:

    NoleCC, You are on CRACK Saying that the trend needs to stop. Let’s hope for the good of the program it keeps moving in the direction Coach A has it headed.If you think Jimbo was left a mess you need to dig into the softball program.
    You can use these numbers to see where they are going.
    2005 2006 2007 First year 2008-09 2010
    35-28 11-6 Conf. 44-30 10-10 44-25 13-7 44-16 17-4 43-16 12-9
    247 B/A 294 B/A 288 B/A 262 B/A 294 B/A
    362 SLG% 417 SLG% 442 SLG% 366 SLG% 419 SLG%
    951 FLD% 951 FLD% 962 FLD% 971 FLD% 967 FLD%
    90 E 108 E 80 E 51 E 53 E

    The overall record better
    B/A The same or Better
    SLG% Started out down,but getting better
    FLD% Better
    Error OMG almost in half

    Keep in mind she has not got her recruits on campus.There is some players coming in that have the disire to put there foot in somebody’s throat mentality. Not saying they will do better,but you have to give her time. And the most important players are learning again and being pushed hard. My concern will be pitching for next year,and that’s my only concern.

    NoleCC, Thanks for giving softball some talk

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      I guess I wasn’t clear, I just meant that FSU not hosting a regional needs to stop. Progress (in that department only), to me, would have the Noles hosting a regional more often than not.

      I’m a fan of what Coach A and her staff is doing. No doubt about that. I just hope we bring in some more power, because the elite teams around the nation all mash the ball. The UF doubleheader really opened my eyes a bunch about what big swings can do for you.

  2. NoleitNo Gravatar says:

    You are right about more power, at this point just a little power would help. 5-9 in the order has not produced all year. GT has some of the best hitters in the country,and it’s safe to say we could have gotten a couple of those kids for sure. The FSU program (Old Staff) turned it’s back on Fl. and Ga. kids during there recruiting,and it’s been more than a job to get back in the game for these kids .There are six players(Power Hitters) from UGA and GT that we could have gotten if we just have showed a little bit of interest. Now that the new staff is back in those areas cherry picking kids will not be hard. Both of those schools have BRUTAL Coaches.

    Featherston, There is a storm and I mean a nasty storm inside your program. I look for several transfers at the least in the coming year. I must say the AD/ School has taken control of the situation at this point. If they can hold it together they will be real good a few more years.

    NoleCC, What are you hearing about pitching ?

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      That’s a shame to hear about GT, if that’s what is going on. They have a beautiful facility from what I hear and plenty of potential to be a dominate team from Atl.

      I honestly haven’t heard much about pitching. We all know Hamilton will be a senior, so someone, whether already on the roster (Townsend, Bullock) or incoming will have to step up to be an ace in the future. Hamilton needs to straighten out whatever is wrong too. I’ve said it all year, I’m not good enough to tell you what exactly is wrong, but I’m good enough to know that she looks uncomfortable to me. I don’t know if it’s mechanics, new pitches or what, but hopefully that will improve during the offseason.

  3. NoleitNo Gravatar says:

    Let’s hope for a transfer because there’s not a pitcher coming in. I would think if we had someone on staff we would have used them a little this year,but could be wrong. Hamilton had a hand injury at some point. One of the reasons she had a drop off those coaches were more prepared for her this year. GT Coach said her game plan was to sit and wait on her change-up, knowing that is her go to pitch.I hear we got two top recruit pitchers in the pipe-Line 2011 and 2012, but need to find the answer for 2010 to go along with Hamilton.
    For what it’s worth I don’t feel real good about this weekend. Beating UGA twice is not going to happen unless we have 1-9 Hitting, and Hamilton can pitch two games. Don’t see it happening