Thursday, August 21st, 2014

First and foremost, it’s Memorial Day. If you’re off, enjoy the day off, but take a moment to think about those that died for our country while serving it. Now, back to the Noles. Is there anything, and I mean anything, better than writing about how awful a team is and then looking like a […]

As I said before the opening game for the Noles in the ACC Tournament on Twitter today, “Is it too early to evacuate the FSU Pitching Staff ahead of the Canes?” Anybody that watched FSU Baseball this year knew what was coming. Anybody that watched the Miami series earlier in the year knew it was […]

Reader Project #1 – Amazin’ Avenue, one of the many New York Mets blogs that I read on a regular basis had a great idea this season for fan participation. So, I’m going to flat out copy the idea.┬áStarting this football season, I want YOUR pictures. Everyone has a cell phone camera or a digital […]

The Florida State softball team had their season end over the weekend in the Athens Regional. The Noles were eliminated by Radford, 3-2, and didn’t make it to the Sunday games. It was a disappointing end to the season, but I don’t think that it was completely unexpected. Seminole fans were hopeful heading into the […]

Maybe it was the luck of the draw, but the ACC, as a conference crapped the proverbial bed over the weekend. Headed into the weekend the ACC had 5 teams in the NCAA Softball Regionals. Headed out of the weekend all teams were eliminated. Best Hope: Georgia Tech – Led by ACC player of the […]

Today’s Tallahassee Democrat has a great article by Ira Schoffel. Driven To Wynn explains much about beloved FSU Senior Centerfielder, Carly Wynn. Her drive, her passion and her competitive nature. Not only is she a hell of a ballplayer, she’s also a great student. She’s a leader, and she’s been that way since she started […]

Ten Improvements I’d Like To See At Doak Campbell Stadium Improved Sound – My biggest complaint when I’m at a game at Doak is that the sound is horrible. The speakers are concentrated in the north end zone. When they’re loud, they’re garbled. When they’re not garbled the volume is too low. Torches On The […]

I like to think that I’m the level headed one. I don’t go on witch hunts against FSU Quarterbacks. I don’t get overly optimistic about any given team. I also don’t get too down on the Noles, nor do I usually think problems with the football team are with any one person. What I find […]

Thoughts On FSU At The ACC Tournament: Once again, Georgia Tech handed FSU their collective rear ends. This time it was in the ACC Championship game. As @WFeatherston so skillfully tweeted me, “Well at least FSU scored.” MORAL VICTORIES SUCK. Thoughts On FSU’s Overall Season: In Coach Lonnie Alameda’s second season, the Noles are actually […]

The FSU Softball team beat the Maryland Terrapins 3-0 today in their opening game of the ACC Tournament. Highlights include: Sarah Hamilton spread out 7 hits over 7 innings. It’s called “spreading out” hits when you manage to pick up the shutout victory despite giving up 7 hits. ;-) Hamilton also walked 2 while striking […]