Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

I rarely use eBay for anything other than entertainment purposes. It’s a wealth of stupid stuff. Here are a few of the items I found recently for our beloved Seminoles. Item #1: The “Michigan Seminoles” hat. Like @JonLoesche said on Twitter, “I guess we still own that state from our last trip to Ann Arbor?” […]

It’s time to get your votes in for the latest Jimbotron. This will track us through April and post spring game. I expect it to hold steady through the summer. Once the season rolls around I’ll be tracking it weekly in the Scalpoll, and a zoomed in version of the Jimbotron. Vote to the right, […]

There was a lot of discussion in the Twitter world over the last couple of days about Jimbo Fisher’s Noles and what they might be wearing for the 2010 football season. Some of the rumors appear to be confirmed, like the white helmet with white pants and white jersey for the game at Oklahoma. Is […]

Jimbo Fisher made some interesting comments the other day about how he’d like to move the Florida State vs. Florida game to the beginning of the season, and maybe to Atlanta. That way, both teams have the entire season to recover from a loss to a major non-conference opponent. As fan, I’m appalled. I’m so […]

10 Tips For Visiting Dick Howser Stadium Park in the parking garage by the softball stadium. I prefer this spot because it keeps the car cool and it offers an easy exit from the area. All too often the parking lot behind Dick Howser Stadium’s fence gets backed up after a game. I also don’t […]

I only stuck around for the first game yesterday. I was too tired to stick around for the second and could see another blowout coming in the second game. I brought the camera along, so there should be a new photo gallery in the next day or two once I process the photos. Until then […]

Football, Baseball, Men’s & Women’s Basketball. These four FSU sports are the only sports that currently charge admission to attend their games. Generally, the prices are reasonable. Baseball is $6 for a single game, and it’s way less than that for a season ticket package (more like $4 to have grandstand seats, even less for […]

Are you in Tallahassee or heading to town to watch the Seminoles play some softball? Have you never been to the Seminole Softball / Soccer Complex and JoAnne Graf Field? If you have, maybe you’ve missed some things? Here’s a primer for a good time while you watch the Noles play. All FSU Softball games […]

I have to admit something to my fellow Noles. I’ve been bored with FSU sports lately. It seems to me that it’s been a lot of the same old story. The baseball team seems to have pitching woes. Their bats are hot and cold. People are yapping about ousting Mike Martin. The softball team is […] regular, Luvunoles, was in attendance last night at the FSU Football Spring game. She was kind enough to send some thoughts over to It was really great to see the fans come out to support Jimbo Fisher and the team.  The Coach was articulate and honest about the Spring Game and the progress or lack […]