Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Monday Musings


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Since I was attacked for my grammar the last time I did some “Musings” I’ll use bullets. They’re musings. They’re not meant to be coherent necessarily.

  • I did not attend baseball or softball this weekend. Both teams had very successful weekends. Evidently, I should go watch local independent wrestling more often if I want the Noles to win.
  • Boston College softball had their butts handed to them. That makes me immensely happy.
  • I saw that Sue Semrau has the Noles in the Elite 8. Congrats to the women’s hoops team. Now they get to be cut in half by the buzz saw that is UConn.
  • Did I mention that I’m always happy to see Boston College lose?
  • Bud Elliot has an interesting piece at Tomahawk Nation about the overall landscape of college football. The most interesting point to me is that Kyle Parker is likely to be a high pick in the MLB Draft and Clemson is WILLY KORN-less.
  • Did I say that Terese Gober no-hit Boston College yet? That’s right the Eagles lost. It’s easy to have a good day when Boston College loses.
  • Tyler Holt hit for the cycle yesterday. His post game interview on ABC was humble, however Mike Martin’s was hilarious. It was something to the effect of, “I don’t go to rock concerts, but you know how they hold lighters up? That’s what cycles and no-hitters do for me. If I had a lighter I’d have held it up for Tyler today.”
  • I just checked again, Boston College was swept by FSU in softball. Yep, 3 wins for the Noles and 3 losses for the Eagles.
  • I’m still debating about whether I should attend the FSU Spring Game on April 10 or not. The Tallahassee Highland Games are that morning. I guess it depends on the weather and my level of apathy for the Spring Game. What do you guys think? Why should I or why shouldn’t I go to the game?


3 Responses to “Monday Musings”
  1. LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

    Attending the Spring Game would be an acknowledgment of fan optimism and support for the players and coaches; especially, Coach Fisher.
    Attending would give everyone a boost of enthusiasm for the future of the program and would help jump start our countdown until the season begins!
    Perhaps, it would be an opportunity to hear and see the Chiefs again, lessening the dry spell?

  2. LaurenNo Gravatar says:

    One word—cheerleaders

  3. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    Spring is for baseball; fall is for football. I’ll never understand the hype behind spring football.