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Tuesday FSU Ramblings


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I’ll be honest. I’ve hit that wall that I hit every year. I’ve hit the wall to the point that I don’t have very many coherent thoughts regarding anything FSU. I’ve also hit the wall with photography at the games. It’s really, really nice to just go and watch the game instead of watching it through the camera the whole time.

Anyway, here are a few of the highlights:

  • Rumor on the internet message boards is that new FSU President Eric Barron sent an email to faculty encouraging them to take attendance and have tests on March 17, National Binge Drinking Day, St. Patrick’s Day. The small college kid voice in my head thinks that sucks. The 30 year old man in me likes the test idea, but not the attendance idea. Does FSU actually have a president that cares about academics now? Amazing.
  • The FSU Baseball team is pretty darn good. RaysNNoles over at Tomahawk Nation has an interesting article on the #5 Seminoles, and why it’s still a bit too early to punch a ticket to Omaha. I’m always cautious when it comes to the baseball team.
  • has a Q&A with Andy Miller, CEO of Seminole Boosters. What I find interesting is that we are paying people (“full time representatives”) in other areas of the state to recruit new boosters. I’m not sure how I feel about that, even if one of them is one of my all time favorite Noles, Drew Weatherford.
  • FSU Softball is off to it’s best start since 1993, with 20 wins and 2 losses on the season. What do we know? The hitting has improved, and the pitching is solid as always. What we don’t know yet, and we will find out this weekend against UNC, is can FSU play this well against some better competition?
  • I don’t follow basketball, but it’s obvious to me that Sue Semrau is the best coach at FSU right now. Why? She’s built a program from basically nothing, continues to cater to fans and was the only coach that had to speak about the result of the FSU Cheating Scandal. You know, because certain athletic directors were nowhere to be found to comment on it.
  • Congrats to the FSU Men’s Basketball team for finishing strong enough that they’ll be in the NCAA Tournament (presumably) for the 2nd year in a row.


7 Responses to “Tuesday FSU Ramblings”
  1. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    Oh wow. That Boosters interview is full of juicy material.
    “They do not realize that without private contributions, we do not have an athletic program.” – I call B.S. on this.

    The Boosters Program needs to get off their high horse. They are a collegiate lobby group who have only their best interest in mind. And like all lobby groups, when they want something all they have to do is swing their wallets around and they get what they want.

    And yes, NoleCC, mandatory tests on St. Patricks Day sucks. Testing for no reason? That’s something The Man would do.

    • Luvunoles says:


      St Patrick’s Day
      Mandatory tests on St. Patrick’s Day sucks! So does using a Patron Saint’s named day to get plastered! The only place in this country where I would agree with your analysis is New York City, NY, where St. Patrick is honored by the Irish Catholics, as their Patron Saint of the City and where they built a cathedral in his honor. Ireland is the only country where St. Patrick is the Patron Saint! With those exceptions in mind, why would you be so enraged with President Barron trying to make the academics of FSU the priority on any given class day? Admittedly, mandatory testing and attendance seems juvenile so late in the semester, considering that most professors give their course requirements including value of attendance, quizzes, tests, papers and projects on the first day of class. If a student wants a good grade and a good GPA, the professor has spelled it out so there is no guess work. Perhaps the new President wants to send a message to the students that the cost of education is valuable and that drinking and partying can be done on weekends or on vacations. We all know that many students are underage and over indulge and many of those of legal age have shown bad judgment when it comes to the excesses of alcohol etc. Perhaps President Barron just is sending the message that the drinking and partying should be done in free time not course time.

      Seminole Boosters
      Again, may I strongly suggest that the Seminole Boosters begin to be more transparent. How is the money (each dollar) being spent? Who decides? Who are the employees? What kind of salaries and benefits are being paid to those employees? Are there scheduled audits from independent sources? Whose watching this Fund?

    • Lpnoles86No Gravatar says:

      And who sir, would then pay for the scholarship costs, facility improvements and renovations, equipment, coaching salaries and other things if the Boosters did not? Whether you think Seminole Boosters does nothing more than “lobby” and “swing their wallets around and get what they want,” or not, it doesn’t change the FACT that without Seminole Boosters, FSU athletics would cease to exist. At least, exist as we know them as we would be relegated to NAIA competition with no athletic scholarships, little or no stadium, and hardly any sports.

      I don’t have a problem with people who have bad opinions of the booster club because of poor experiences, poor customer service, and other reasons, but the ignorance in this post is just amazing.

      • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


        I think the thought process is that a more open, perhaps frugal, entity would replace Seminole Boosters, Inc. to help FSU Athletics continue to exist. Perhaps I’m wrong though, only Jordi can clear that up.

        Plus, all too often everyone likes to forget that FSU is a higher education institution. The athletics programs should be 2nd to that.

      • JordiNo Gravatar says:

        First and foremost, I just want to make sure when you say “post”, you do mean my comment, right? NoleCC’s blog post merely gave the link, I provided the opinion in my comment.

        Assuming that is clear, I have never had a bad experience at an FSU sporting event – game score or weather aside (I don’t think the Boosters have any control over those – at least I hope not). I’ve never had poor customer service either. I love going to FSU games and try to make the drive from Tampa to Tallahassee at least once, if not twice a year.

        I just think the power behind the athletic program should be held by the university, not by the financial leverage of a private institution.

        Be assured you will see a post by me on this subject very very soon. I look forward to reading your opinion.


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