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On The Warpath: Special Edition – $100,000 Per Year Is Insignificant At FSU


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First, let me preface this rant with a disclaimer. I have had some awful experiences with Seminole Boosters over the years. My trust for the organization is not high, because on a couple of different occasions money that was earmarked for an individual sport club ended up in the football account. Phone calls supposedly straightened that out both times, but I’ll never know for sure. Just keep in mind that I fully admit my perspective is probably a bit skewed and my fuse is a bit shorter than the average fan.

ChantRant is running a Q&A with Seminole Boosters, Inc. regarding the desire of an indoor practice facility for FSU Football. The eye opening comment in the article to me, was about the Jeff Bowden payoff, in which the VP of Marketing for Seminole Boosters, Jerry Kutz, comments.

Will it help to retire current obligations like the payout to Jeff Bowden?

Kutz: “That’s insignificant money in the grand scheme of things — about $100,000 a year. And that’s coming out of concession revenue or something. Also, the bond issues on the stadium are a 30-year deal, and we’re only about ten years into those.”

$100,000 is insignificant at Seminole Boosters!

  • $100,000 to a guy that only got the job because of his daddy.
  • $100,000 to a guy that wasn’t qualified to run a D-I offense.
  • $100,000 that we could spend elsewhere in the program each year.
  • $100,000 so that Jeff Bowden can volunteer on North Alabama.
  • $100,000 that could pay a professor that got laid off.
  • $100,000 that could help academics at FSU in a time of historic cutbacks.
  • $100,000 x the 5 years in the buyout is really $500,000.

Don’t forget, I’m not arguing that FSU shouldn’t have paid Jeff to leave. In fact, I think when it comes down to it, FSU got a good value, but don’t tell me that $100,000 (really $500,000 total) is EVER insignificant.

I wonder what Seminole Boosters thinks of my measly $60 that I personally give each year to be a Booster? (My parents give the bigger money for the right to season tickets, of which I pay half). I wonder what Seminole Boosters thinks of my family’s measly little 4 ticket block that we’ve had since 1998 (which has gone from roughly $25 / game then to $45 / game now)? I know the players appreciate us being there and our money. I’m pretty sure Jimbo Fisher and company appreciate fans going to the games. But, at the end of the day our money is evidently “insignificant” you know, in the grand scheme of things. The prevalent attitude I’ve witnessed for years is that for hundreds of dollars per year it’s like we should all get down on our knees and thank the football gods that we’re allowed to purchase tickets. HDTV makes that a tougher argument each year, and the Boosters need to wake up to that fact. On top of that, give a couple hundred to an individual sport club and see how thankful those coaches are for the money. You’ll probably get a personal phone call from them thanking you.

At a time when Seminole Boosters needs all of the help it can get to combat falling revenue from a team that declined horribly through “The Lost Decade (2000-2009)” they really should tread a bit more lightly. Instead of talking about insignificant amounts of money, and $30 million for a practice facility that has to be pretty (aka brick, which fits in with campus) in a time of economic struggle for most people, why not talk about how Boosters is helping the students with academics, character and leadership? Put the big expense issues aside, which aren’t going to happen for quite a while, and talk about how Seminole Boosters is helping FSU through a time of struggle. Tell everyone about how even $60 to the Boosters or $50 to an individual sport club superbly helps the players, not only on the field, but in the classroom too.

Or maybe none of it matters, in the grand scheme of things.

The next time I have $100,000 just laying around the house I’ll be sure to make a mental note that it’s insignificant money. Surely Seminole Boosters wouldn’t need that measly sum, right? Surely I shouldn’t bother with ONLY $100,000 as a donation that is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. $100,000 ($500,000 total) couldn’t possibly help build the FSU Football practice facility. Repeat after me, $100,000 is insignificant.

Give me a break.


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  1. wolffbird7No Gravatar says:

    Not going to debate the actual comment from Mr. Kutz, I think his comment was taken a bit too literally, look at it this way… over 30yrs passed without having to pay off a head coach to just leave and hush up… that was a bargain! Anyway, when I read that statement I laughed to myself and thought, They are going to come out of the woodwork on this!!! and I was correct.

    This lost decade stuff is funny as hell. I guess the 115 or so schools that won ZERO National titles in the decade were also in a LOST DECADE? God, I truly love FSU but this idea of entitlement and nothing is acceptable but what was accomplished in the 90′s is mindboggling. Then you read where poor ol’ Bobby wasn’t that good, it was just the probations of UF & Miami, well… ok, then how come we are entitled to such lofty standards when UF & Miami are not on probation? Settling is not good, but you have to look at all circumstances and accept the reality.

    In the scheme of things… that 100,000 a year is not going to be the deciding factor in building a 30 million dollar facility. That was his point I do believe… but it was Jeff Bowden and well… he is the devil in shepherds clothing, we all know that. This is fun… always enjoy seeing the spin put on things. I just hope in 2 or 3 years we aren’t buying out a big contract and trying to lure a big name here to coach because… well, we are looking at the LOST BAKER’S DOZEN YEARS of FSU FOOTBALL.

    • Luvunoles says:

      With a name like wolffbird, I find it interesting that you refer to shepherds clothing! What are you, the Defense Attorney for the losing coaches of the last decade? There was nothing sheepish about the last, long, losing years for FSU football. There is no defense for calling $100,000 insignificant! The VP of Marketing should know better. The VP of Marketing also said the $100,000 was coming out of concession revenue or SOMETHING? Okay, that gets me wondering about just which accounts are being emptied because no one had the courage to fire Jeff Bowden including his father. Let’s start writing contracts that hold people accountable; rewarding them with bonuses for success, and firing them for failure without an exit package that lines their pockets. I don’t need to attend an INTEGRITY lecture to recognize that FSU needs “leadership with character and not characters who lead” – paraphrasing Coach Fisher.

      • wolffbird7No Gravatar says:

        take a valium my dear friend and worry less about my screen name and/or occupation. If I wasn’t smart enough to realize what a tiny minority the narrow minded whiners who congregate on these message boards really are, It would be hard to support FSU. There is a despisable tone to you people whenever somebody doesn’t agree with your “take” on things.

        Let’s start writing contracts that hold people accountable; rewarding them with bonuses for success, and firing them for failure without an exit package that lines their pockets. I don’t need to attend an INTEGRITY lecture to recognize that FSU needs “leadership with character and not characters who lead”

        SUPER! Let’s start and hope everybody else follows suit. FSU is not the first and won’t be the last to buy out a contract… for christ’s sake.

        It is easy to name call and do it hiding behind a computer. I find it all amusing and will continue to express my opinion, never said it was 100% correct, but I guarantee you it is as valid as yours LUVUNOLES. If you need any help getting that prescription for valium, I know a few people in Tally that can hook you up. The last, long losing years of FSU football ??? hell, give me some of what your smokin’

        • Luvunoles says:

          “It’s easy to name call and do it hiding behind a computer” DITTO! Your friend? Why not? We just have a difference of opinion! I am not a smoker. I am not someone who is so familiar with getting hooked up in Tally for valium or any other substance. I hope you mean that you know some good Doctors. By the way, if you are going to invoke Christ’s name, you should capitalize it! I didn’t think you needed to invoke it to make your point! Oh, pardon me. I just gave my opinion!

          • ecwforeverNo Gravatar says:

            He’s able to hook you up for drugs because he needs them to make recent FSU football seem above average. That’s the only way it ever could. And it wasn’t a tiny minority of FSU fans complaining about Bobby dragging down the team. It was the majority although there are too many Bobby lovers like him to call them a small minority although they should be. They (and he) are no different than what RINOs are to the Republican party. Any decade where we were often well below both Miami and UF is by definition a lost decade. Even in the 60s and 70s that didn’t happen. And we recruited as good or better than both except in 2004 and 2007 which makes the failure on the field even more inexcusable. I’m sure he needs the valium now because the truth hurts so I’ll let him make the call to get it. But get extra if you plan on posting more drivel. You’ll need it again.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      I know what he was saying in context. My point is that a comment like that also shows an underlying attitude about money. As for the lost decade stuff, yeah it was lost, because of nepotism, because of presidents that wouldn’t make tough decisions and because of a sense of entitlement.

      By the way wolf, how is paying an empty shirt 2 million dollars a year for the last few years (at least) a bargain? FSU Football operated on half a staff for the last couple of years, especially when it came to recruiting. That’s not a bargain, it’s a shame.

  2. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    The more people are discouraged aiding the boosters in their stranglehold of our university, the better off the university is.

    Ask yourself, what’s in it for the people that run the Boosters? “Helping the university”? Please. It’s all about power, pull, and a fat paycheck.

  3. RichNo Gravatar says:

    So, Jordi, if we stiff the Boosters, who comes up with the additional $10 million-plus to support ALL FSU Sports?

    Not the university. They’re sacking tenured professors and terminating programs.

    Yeah, Booster contributions also support the Booster organization (though I don’t know that their paychecks are “fat”). But if you can think of a way to raise the bucks needed to keep all our sports competing, please let us know.

    While you’re at it, let every other major university know so they can shut down their booster organizations, too.

    • JordiNo Gravatar says:

      Well, Rich, I am opposed to the booster system at every school. Not just the Seminole Boosters – although I really don’t like them.
      You could do a couple of things.
      1) As I posted here a few months back, start a stockholder program. Something more accountable, where fans purchase “shares”, have “shareholder rights”, and “own” the program as the shareholders of the Green Bay Packers do. Make it public and accountable.
      2) Dare I say, if its not profitable, cut the teams. Now I love my FSU sports, but I got lambasted on this site when I said the football team contributed to the building of the university. People killed me on that, saying it was not true. So then what we have is a program that is not giving anything tangible to the university, but is siphoning donations from donors – money that may go to other programs if the athletic programs did not exist.

      • RichNo Gravatar says:

        Jordi: Your stockholder program could work. But if it works like Green Bay where shareholders actually own pieces of the team, then Fla. State football would have to be a separate entity from the school, having a license to use the name, as well as rent the stadium, etc. This changes the entire paradigm of college football and would be an enormous undertaking.

        Still, as costs increase, some model of this might evolve somewhere in the future. Who knows.

        Second, I agree with your point that football contributes to the university — directly and indirectly. In fat years, they’ve put dollars into things like the library (one that comes to mind right away). It happens at other schools, too. Indirectly, sports is the biggest thing that bonds people to a school and encourages giving. In fact, the Boosters add extra points to your season ticket status if you’re a member of the Alumni Association.

        But does anyone seriously think that if football is abolished those 10 million bucks going to Boosters every year will be immediately redirected to new science labs and endowing department chairs?

        • JordiNo Gravatar says:

          I knew you were going to question the non-sports donations. I knew it. But I think it would make a great study. What are the overall levels of donations per alumni at universities with varying sports programs? Do alumni donate more to schools with huge sports programs? Then compare athletic donations to academic donations. Is there a higher percentage at schools with only baseball, only football, etc?

          I don’t even pretend to know the answer.

          • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

            You make an excellent point Jordi, and I’m with you in not having any idea of what the answer might be.

            I think the academic side in many respects makes it even harder on themselves to get donations. With the college of business, they’ve hidden and merged my old major (MIS) in with the standard Management major. Sure you can major in MIS, but the technical track of it is gone, and it’s 4 or 5 classes now? Really? I can’t give my academic donations to a group that I don’t support now. I can’t give my academic donations to a school that lacks the vision of technology when merging things. (Hello, it’s seems sort of obvious to me that EVERYONE at the COB should be getting computer classes / training beyond the basics for the future workforce).

        • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

          Rich… regarding the Alumni Association… 2 points is really nothing the way the point system works.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      I’d love to know what they get paid, wouldn’t you?

  4. delawarenoleNo Gravatar says:

    Do I think the 500K will make or break us – NO

    Was that poor communication by the VP of Marketing – HELL YES

    Unreal that some one in that position couldnt put more thought into the answer and been more politically correct.

  5. Luvunoles says:

    Transparency! Isn’t that what is missing from the Seminole Boosters? We don’t know the complete picture. We get bits and pieces of information but not the beginning, middle and end. I think that the disgust that Jordi expresses is a sign of the frustration that many of us have.
    When exit packages are organized for Jeff Bowden and others and the boosters are responsible, then many supporters and detractors want to know where the money originated and how these payments affected the entire program. Perhaps my insignificant contribution paid part of Jeff Bowden’s payoff and that would just personally be objectionable. It doesn’t help when the VP of Marketing makes statements that are so far off base that it makes us wonder why he continues to draw a salary. If this was paid by a generous donor, then maybe my disgust would be lessened, but I’d be wondering why the donor didn’t pay for professor salaries or for a program to be funded for a few years like NoleCC questioned. I know that the majority of Seminole Boosters and Donors have the greatest good in mind, but what about those who make the decisions?