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On The Warpath: Volume 12 – Revisiting 10 Reasons Why I Hate You, SEC


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On a post more than two years old, I still receive comments from time to time. A user by the name of Logan actually provided a somewhat level headed rebuttal of my hate on the SEC. I’ll remind you gently though Seminole fans, we’re talking level-headed for an SEC fan. While I appreciate the attempt, I do have some questions. And after some of those questions I felt inspired. I felt tickled. I felt like I had EVEN MORE REASON TO HATE THE SEC. It’s not jealousy SEC fans, I don’t want to be in your conference. I just want to see it fail epically. Bigger than the FAILBOAT.  Bigger than Lane Kiffin’s list of lies. Bigger than the spittoons installed in the stands at every SEC stadium. Actually, SECers that’s called the floor and it’s not polite to spit all over it.

A couple of items specifically for Logan:

  • Who is South California? Southern California I’ve heard of though, and they have a much richer tradition of football than South Carolina. Hence, they are the real USC to me.
  • I know what Geaux and Dawg are meant to be. They’re still stupid ways of spelling things. And Dawg isn’t how southerners say it. Maybe Daaaaawg. But you have to draw it out. Southern “drawl” right? For that matter we would spell Heather with a d and change the er to a “heada”  up north right? Hell let’s just spl vrythng wtht vwls bcs t fn.
  • My issue isn’t with Tim Tebow it’s with the ESPN / CBS love affair. I watched games not involving the Gators for four years and had to listen to them talk about Tebow. Why?
  • This is not an ACC blog, it’s an FSU blog. I’m only SLIGHTLY nicer to ACC teams.
  • I dunno what a Hookie is, but a Hokie is a turkey call I think? I dunno, but there are ways to find out. Gobble Gobble Gobble. Miami IS ugly. So are their uniforms. Boise State’s blue field was a genius idea by BSU. You know who’s playing and where they are playing whenever you see that field.

With all of that in mind, here are 10 MORE REASONS I CAN’T STAND THE SEC:

  1. Nick Saban – I realize Jimbo Fisher is from his school of thought in many ways. Don’t get me wrong either, Nick Saban is a winner. He’s brought delusional Alabama fans a national championship. I hope they enjoy it while it lasts, because I’m convinced Nick is close to declaring he’s is not leaving for another job. Never. Nope. Never Ever. Promise. Cross his heart.
  2. SEC on ESPN – Sure the SEC is marketable, except when the SEC on ESPN is forced down my throat on a local channel over, oh I dunno a more interesting noon game?
  3. Florida – ‘Nuff said.
  4. Crappy Out Of Conference Scheduling – Thanks to the SEC’s ways of crappy “we don’t play on the road or anybody good out of conference” scheduling tactics and the BCS, FSU’s schedule is now affected. Great, so now I get to spend an average of $45 on Southwest Louisiana School for the Blind?
  5. Tennessee’s Black Uniforms – FSU’s horrible black uniforms were bad enough. Now I have to look at a proliferation of them in the SEC, with Tennessee continuing to lead the way in ugly.
  6. S-E-C. You share your abbreviated name with a government agency. One that couldn’t detect Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme.
  7. Students at Ole Miss – Okay so not all of them are an issue. There’s just a certain group of special ones that decided it would be a brilliant idea to fly rebel flags again and start up “The South Will Rise Again” cheer. Hey morons, YOU LOST TO THE NORTH. It’s been OVER FOR YEARS. It continues to be over.
  8. Gymnastics  teams – I only hate on this one because I’m jealous. I wish the ACC participated in women’s gymnastics.
  9. Because I Can – College rivalries just aren’t as fun when there is respect between teams (see FSU / Miami rivalry vs FSU and / or Miami’s feelings on UF). Sometimes it’s just fun to dislike the other conference, “just because.”
  10. KentuckyShare Ashley Judd with the rest of us for crying out loud.

Influx of comments in… 3, 2, 1…


10 Responses to “On The Warpath: Volume 12 – Revisiting 10 Reasons Why I Hate You, SEC”
  1. MegebeeNo Gravatar says:

    You’ve got me all fired up over football rivalries, and it’s not even the season! Well, I guess it’s ALWAYS football season in the South, though; think I even have the T-Shirt:
    “Florida State girls know their seasons…. Recruiting, Spring Training, Practice, Football”

    But I digress…..

    You could write a post yearly naming reasons to hate the SEC, and always have new material. And reading the comments from your first post, it has given me the #1 reason I can’t stand the SEC… SEC fans have no sense of humor.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Excellent point. I should survey ACC fans for the next one for their reasons for hating the SEC, or any other conference for that matter. Big Televen I’m looking at you.

      • LaurenNo Gravatar says:

        Please do Big Ten or Pac Ten. I’d love to poke fun at those guys…mostly because I live among Pac Ten and just plain can’t stand Big Ten.

  2. thaning says:

    Oh Lauren, we don’t need to have another Big Ten vs. ACC talk again, do we? Unfounded hatred anyone?

    • LaurenNo Gravatar says:

      Unfounded, no. I’ve never liked the Big Ten. Mostly I guess my dislike is pointed at PSU and OSU specifically. You guys just happen to be in their conference, unfortunately.

  3. JNole48No Gravatar says:

    my two least favorite sec teams are auburn and florida, negative recruiting big time, ask damien jacobs what florida said to him. $omething is always going on with those two schools when its comes to getting who they want, aside from that I just simply don’t like them Did anyone see Lemonier’s new yellow corvette ? great recruiting chizik, now we know what part of that last minute conversation was about. and urban meyer with his faith talks, give me a break,

  4. TomNo Gravatar says:

    Love it! I hate the SEC even more since they got lucky with their most recent national title victory. They have had a streamroll of luck, and I do not care what Alabama or SEC fans say, Colt McCoy getting hurt made more than a little difference. He basically was Texas’s offense. Before he got hurt and Bama had to respect the pass, Texas was even running it well early. Their defense also looked good early, before being worn down by the constant three and outs. The SEC’s Tennessee got lucky in the same regards when they did not have to face FSU with Chris Weinke (though FSU at least knew going in and was giving Marcus Outzen time to prepare with the first team…still he started the year as the third stringer).

    I also thought it funny when I heard that Texas had the chance to join the SEC in the early 1990s, but turned it down because academics. I saw this on another site: “Berdahl (Texas’ former president) let it be known that UT wasn’t interested because of the league’s undistinguished academic profile. Only two of 12 schools in the SEC were American Association of Universities members and UT officials saw admissions standards to SEC schools as too lenient.

    “We were quite interested in raising academic standards,” Berdahl says. “And the Southeastern Conference had absolutely no interest in that.””

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      “We were quite interested in raising academic standards,” Berdahl says. “And the Southeastern Conference had absolutely no interest in that.”


  5. Luvunoles says:

    Where’s the NCAA when the SEC schools express no interest in elevating their academics?
    Remember, when it comes to FSU academics; evidently, an online music course interfered with the higher education of our athletes and had something to do with having won games and titles!

  6. AParkerNo Gravatar says:

    I’m of the same thought process. I can’t stand how every low class SEC school (I’m looking at you South Carolina pizza driving association institute) beats there chest on how great the SEC is. Yes a team in your conference won the national championship. You however, played in a far inferior bowl and lost to Connecticut, Missouri, Utah, Houston, etc. (I don’t follow bowl losses at all, I don’t care for the bowl system, and I see it all as glorified exhibitions that don’t exemplify how good a team is, but this is a post far another time).

    I also agree from the other post how SEC logic is quickly turned always for the positive, which is a great way to live life, but not a good way to show your conference. Really? You barely lost to your in-conference arch rival by 10 points? Well I just watched the Oregon Arizona game go into 3 over times it was awesome with Oregon winning by 6! Wait you say it sucks cause its blah blah blah blah reasoning, SEC winnarz no matter what! stupid

    And what is the point for teams such as Miss. State, Vandy, and UK to field a football team in the first place? They rarely knock off a good team (Note to Vandy, sorry the years you beat UGA, Tenn. and USC, those were not good teams and while credible for you beating them (I cheered insanely for you) it didn’t help you in the long run). Seriously, the ACC has Duke, the Big 12 has ISU, Big Ten North Western, and the PAC-10 has really no one that bad, but the SEC has three and possibly more bottom dwellers that the only reason to stay in that conference is the ridiculous money coming from ESPN. Winning isn’t everything, but there does come a point that its futile to keep losing with no possible wins.

    As well, and this is very homerish for me, especially since I dislike the conference pissing contest, but a conference is based on not just one sport or team, but a collection of all of them. The SEC is a joke in everything outside of football and baseball. A JOKE. The PAC-10 calls itself the conference of Champions, because you can’t name a year when they don’t win a national championship in at least 4 sports. The ACC actually houses some very good football squads (who like BC and VT, have no recruiting wonders but somehow run rough shed on a lot of teams) and also competes in each sport it plays, with a couple national title runs in each. (I don’t know much about the Big Ten outside of the academic side of the conference which brings in roughly a minimum of 10-20 million a year in academics alone). Without other sports being involved, how do you chant so loudly about a conference that doesn’t do so well?