Thursday, August 21st, 2014

As you are probably well aware, “National Signing Day” is this Wednesday. That is the day colleges nationwide find out which current high school football players will join their program in the fall. Everyone has their opinions on National Signing Day. Many don’t like it. Others think it is a great day to celebrate the […]

( received some exclusive and anonymous information regarding one Coach Coley. What follows is a new series, The Zen of Coley with exclusive excerpts from Offensive and Recruiting Coordinator, James Coley’s journal.) ZOC Entry #1 – Damn I’m good. The ColeyBot is complete and allows me to be in two places at once, literally. I’ve […]

Forty-five seconds remained in the game. Florida State to that point was 0 for 11 from behind the three point line. That is until Derwin Kitchen hit the Seminoles’ only three pointer of the game from just left of the circle breaking a 54-54 tie. From there the Seminoles made just enough free throws and […]

Welcome to the newest design of! Changes To Check Out: Check out the menu / navigation bar at the top, there are lots of goodies up there. Authors for have their own page, with a short Bio and listing of all articles they’ve contributed to the site. Commenting Guidelines are listed under the […]

Whoa, are you kidding me? Ira Schoffel at the Tallahassee Democrat has an article up about Seminole Softball? Sweet! I guess that means I should get off my butt to talk about the team and where I think they’re headed this season. A Quick Look Back Last year was an unexpected surprise for the Noles, considering […]

Well, at least Florida State led in the game. Two to nothing if that is any consolation. But after Jon Scheyer connected on a three point shot from above the key it was pretty much the Duke Blue Devils’ game in beating the Seminoles 70-56. With the assistance of 22 turnovers by FSU, 14 in […]

Depending on the poll you check FSU Softball is #19 or #23! That means the Seminoles start the 2010 season ranked in the top 25 thanks to the success last year under Head Coach Lonnie Alameda!  The season starts February 11 at 5pm.

I did this back in 2005, and it was time for an update of it. There were a mere 202 votes in the survey, and from what I can tell the votes are awfully skewed by younger users that read blogs, use technology, etc.  Keep that in mind when you read the raw data. Before […]

There were twenty lead changes and ten ties. Fortunately for Florida State there was not a twenty first lead change. Solomon Alabi sank two free throws, the first with some dramatic flair bouncing it high off the rim to the top of the backboard and down into the net, to give the Seminoles a 67-66 […]

I remember long ago when sports reporters like Warner Wolf and Len Berman used to show the highlights for a few minutes, give the scores and maybe make a comment or two about the previous day’s games for the local hometown teams. If you wanted an extended version of that, you turned to a little […]