Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Mind Barf – Volume 1


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It’s the end of one craptacular year, 2009. I cannot form coherent long thoughts at this point, so you guys are going to get what I call Mind Barf. Enjoy Volume 1.

Twitter – I reluctantly started a Twitter account for this year. I must say that it’s paid off much more than I thought. Not only have I “met” some really awesome Seminole fans out there, but it also brought some new readers to the community. While I’d do this even if nobody was reading, it’s nice to know that there are others out there that enjoy a freebie site that tried to remain level headed. A big thank you to not only the Tweeps but the long time readers that help keep the site going!

Recruiting - It’s that time of year again. In related to Twitter news, I’ve been following Coach Coley on Twitter. I didn’t think it was possible to get motivated in 140 characters or less, but Coach Coley proved me wrong. FEAR THE SPEAR WITH SOME MORE CUBAN COFFEE!!!!!!

Site Rankings - I’ll eventually rank everyone again (after the Gator Bowl probably), but I’m just going to be flat out honest and tell you #1 now. While Tomahawk Nation drives me up a wall with some of their antics (What was with the turtle sex pictures?) they are the most on top of things site, and are mostly accurate with breaking news. Good job Bud & Company, you guys have rocketed from nowhere to being the most read Seminole blog out there and rightfully so. Now if I could just get an article in under 3000 words… ;-)

Urban Meyer - So I went ahead and said how much I respect Urban Meyer for stepping down and realizing the important things in life. Less than 24 hours later, he took it back and said he’ll be back to coach.

This is what I get for praising a Gator.

Gator Bowl – Have I mentioned how much I absolutely hate that the name of the game is the GATOR Bowl? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always felt it’s one of the best Non-BCS games out there. I’ve been to the game when the Noles beat up Virginia Tech behind a Chris Rix / Jeff Bowden led offense.  It’s a good time for sure, even if it’s a bit breezy and cold like it will be on Friday, but really can’t we just call it the Konica Bowl or something? Croc Bowl would be fine too. Heck with the way the defense played most of the year maybe Toilet Bowl would be more appropriate. I just wish it was ANYTHING other than the GATOR Bowl.

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