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Ann Bowden: “They Need Us More Than We Need Them”


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Cruise on over to the Tallahassee Democrat’s for the full article, but here’s the quote from Ann Bowden that sums up everything.

If FSU doesn’t give it to him, she says, “You know, we don’t need the university as much as they need us — as much as they need him and his connections and reputation and everything. If they want to pull that trick, we’ll just shake the dirt off our feet and go to Europe or go on a long cruise or something.”

Smug? Delusional? Arrogant? All of the above?

Go to Europe Ann. Seriously, just go. Take the whole clan with you, Tommy, Jeff, FSU-North coach Terry. Just take them all and have a very nice Bowden Family European Vaction, maybe with a reality show. Maybe make it something like Coach Survivor or something, where each one gets a crack at recruiting FSU runoffs to their Division II program. FSU has paid out plenty to the entire family for their services (or lack thereof in Jeff’s case) for years. FSU needs Bobby Bowden more than he needs FSU? I don’t think that’s the case. I think, maybe, neither one of them needs the other any more.

Quotes like the above do nothing but solidify the fact that I can’t wait for the FSU football program to go in another direction. I think the Bowdens underestimate the fact that while FSU does need a great football program and the money that goes along with it, FSU does not need a great Bowden-led football program. The scary thing is that the administration is going to half ass it yet again and continue the tradition of caving into the wishes of a football coach, instead of doing what’s right for the university.


37 Responses to “Ann Bowden: “They Need Us More Than We Need Them””
  1. Tony aka AbeFromanNo Gravatar says:

    I believe that every time Ann speaks on the subject, she makes it worse for her family & FSU. With that said, I agree NoleCC, she can go to Europe with her family and leave FSU behind.

  2. DKfromVANo Gravatar says:

    Nothing like the entitlement queen herself to get your blood boiling in the morning. Hey Ann, you do realize that FSU is responsible for the employment of your entire family, right? You realize that your husband would have been fired for his performance over the last 8 years at any other school in the country, right? You realize Steve’s investment failures would have left your entire family broke were it not for FSU, right? You know what Ann? Take your European vacation. Don’t come back either. I’m so tired of this garbage that FSU owes you something.

  3. wolffbird7No Gravatar says:

    While her statement may of been ill advised, she is standing up for her husband and family. I think there are things that have happened behind closed doors that we, the general public, will never know. I can imagine there have been more than a few “power people” tell Bobby over the years he could stay as long as wanted… without the caveat of you must be top 10 as well. I bet there was people as late as this summer saying the same thing. Then… OMG… FSU is having a rough year and people like that JERK Jim Smith ran his wet finger through the air to see which way the wind was blowing and made his classless remarks. I thought all along “the plan” was 2010 was to be the final year. I think most in the program figured that. We can have a good, if not great 2010 and Bobby DESERVES to be a part of it. I would venture to guess that Jimbo wouldn’t mind either. Yes, Ann and the sons have a right to defend their husband/father. He is a good man and for whatever reason, he wants to have 2010 and what that will bring. And for all the idiots who moan about his salary… how much are you out? geez.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      But wolf, why does he DESERVE it? The Noles haven’t had a 10 win season since 2001, and have steadily declined every year since then.

      • wolffbird7No Gravatar says:

        ok, won’t debate the steady decline… I think the 2008 season, 9-4 that could of easily been 10-3 or 11-2 (ga tech & bc games stand out) or winning the first ACC Championship game, I mean… if success is only 10 wins or a BCS bowl, then there are about 95 division 1 schools in the same boat. The problem is, people in power feeding this since that magic 2001 year that is bandied about. Do you think he just made up 2010 in his mind? when Fisher was promised job by Jan. 2011, did anybody think as long as BB was healthy he was leaving before? I am sorry, but FSU has frustrated me as much as anybody the past 3/4 seasons… but I am still thankful we have that 30+ years of winning records intact and the nation’s longest bowl streak. And we do not play a pitiful Penn St. quality schedule either. DESERVE? I guess we can all have our opinion on that, but you and I know that whatever power the Bowden’s feel they have has been fostered and nurtured by the FSU bigwigs and only now do they chance their song… I think anyone would feel betrayed.

        • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

          Wolf, good points all around. We’re in agreement about the big wigs ultimately not having the guts to make the right decisions BEFORE (ie, no Jeff Bowden, no statues for coaches that are still coaching, etc.). But, I don’t understand the entitlement / betrayal feelings. It’s a job, no one should feel entitled to a check.

          • Primediscussion says:

            My thoughts exactly NoleCC. I don’t now, nor will I ever understand why people feel Bowden DESERVES anything more than what the University has already given him. He’s compensated very well to do a job that he doesn’t do very well anymore. All the excuses about seasons that could have ended with better records and games that could have ended with better scores are old and irrelevant. While we continue to blame it on the players (of which Bobby won’t recruit anymore) and not succeeding at the end of games, we seem to ignore the fact that we routinely lose or play in close games with teams we customarily DOMINATED in years’ past. Bowden has accomplished a great deal at FSU, but mind you he was compensated for that as well. Its a reciprocal relationship, we will pay you a great deal of money to do a great job. The loyalty that people insist we need to have has hurt our program for 8 seasons now. FSU Football will still be here when Bobby Bowden “decides” he needs to leave. We’d all be idiots to allow him to make us start from scratch. He continues to survive based on what he accomplished 10 years ago and the fact is FSU could have avoided ever having such a decline had he not hired Jeff as OC.

        • JasonNo Gravatar says:

          your right wolf. everyone is on a power trip yea we had winning seasons but if that how your going to define a coach then your really not a fan your a ban wagon person. the same thing happened to Paterno a couple years back but the only difference is HIS PRESIDENT STOOD up for him. OURS RESIGNED. cowardess. name any other coach who could ahve came in and did the job that Bobby did.

    • Luvunoles says:

      1)Her statement was ill advised? Ann needs handlers!

      2)Things have happened behind closed doors? Yeah, nepotism.

      3)Jim Smith is a jerk? He is entitled to his opinion. I understand that he told BB to his face.

      4)Jimbo wouldn’t mind? I don’t care whether Jimbo minds or not! It is time to treat contracts as business without emotions just the facts!

    • tricknoleNo Gravatar says:

      How could “power people” have told Bobby he could stay as long as he wants as recently as THIS year? We put into place the hciw TWO years ago. That CLEARLY indicated Bobby couldn’t stay on into perpetuity. No one in a power position has publicly made any comment about Bowden staying on as long as he wants in several years. It’s not just a coincidence. It’s because Bobby can’t.

      Personally, I think Bobby returns next year. He wants a farewell tour even though he denies it, AND, more importantly, he’ll try to wrangle out another season after 2010. Fortunately TK won’t be around anymore, because I think if he were, and Bobby could raise Jimbo’s buyout money through private donations, TK would entertain the idea of bringing Bobby back.

      • tricknoleNo Gravatar says:

        You made comment that you thought people told Bobby he could stay as long as he wanted, then said the plan all along was 2010. Conflicting stances, but w/e.

  4. Luvunoles says:


    Someone should point out to Ann that Bobby’s salary over the years and his ability to get commercials, and endorsements, and the book and speaking fees are all a product of Bobby’s employment at FSU.

    The entitlement expressed over and over again by this family demonstrates their inability to accept that employment comes to an end. Sometimes the employee is “let go” sometimes “fired” sometimes “for other opportunities” and sometimes “health reasons”.

    (Ann expresses interest in Europe or a long cruise – very interesting, considering these difficult economic times for the majority of families)

    The university is NOT the buildings built by donations because of a football program.


  5. Gurney Halleck says:

    So when our defense gets obliterated by UF, how long will it take for some irritated fan to book them on a cruise and send them the tickets?

  6. Please Leave BobbyNo Gravatar says:

    Wolffbird7, as far as I’m concerned, you can go to Europe with the Bowden family.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      PLB, I think wolf does have some valid points, I think we just disagree on what we’d like to see for 2010. No?

      • Please Leave BobbyNo Gravatar says:

        He does but I have an issue with his statement:

        “We can have a good, if not great 2010 and Bobby DESERVES to be a part of it.”

        Really? What has he done recently to prove that he deserves to be on any sideline, let alone as a HC? Because of their recent statements, I no longer care about the Bowdens.

        Can someone name 3 Universities that’d hire Bobby as their next HC?

  7. FSUvaFanNo Gravatar says:

    Thats really ridiculous… the kind of out of it nature that posts a red flag high in the air for all those who haven’t already known that what has been going on with the Bowden’s will lead to complete desolation of our program… pride goes before destruction.

  8. Michael says:

    Ann Has it right. If it was not for Bobby we would still be a do nothing girls school. Florida State an all the pride we have came from Bobby an what Coach Bowden did for this school. This hate Bobby Bowden tirade most people are on is so ignorant. Yes we have sucked the past few years. An sucking means you finish in the top 25 an go to a bowl game…..I’ll take it an the majority of schools would love to have that. We are so much better off than the majority of division 1 schools. We got spoiled we all those top five finishes each year. We are a great football school still. An if Bobby wants to come back for one, two or ten years he has earned that.

    • kanoleNo Gravatar says:

      FSU needs Bobby more than he needs FSU? Really? I think not.

      I submit that it was Bowden who lucked out, or made a great career decision, when he came to FSU rather than the other way around. Bobby walked into a state with perfect demographics to support football dynasties…a football crazy state that happened to be the fastest growing state in the US at the time. He then proceeded to benefit big time wrt recruiting as a result of the recruiting probations suffered by UF in the 80′s and UM in the 90′s. One only needs to look at Miami’s program throughout the 80′s and 90′s for proof…multiple championships with several different coaches, most of them mediocre (all except Jimmy Johnson IMO). It really didnt matter who was the head coach, their talent was so overwhelming that they won no matter who was running the program. I contend the same would have been true for FSU. Bowden was a mediocre coach before he came to FSU (look at his record at West Virginia and before; he was hung in effigy and run out of West Virginia)and benefited mightily from the deep pool of talent in Florida.

      So, if anyone owes anything to anyone I contend it is the Bowdens who owe FSU and not the other way around. If Bobby had not come to FSU he likely would have finished his career a decade or so ago as a minor footnote in college football history.

      • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

        kanole, you raise a good point about the talent in Florida that was untapped until the 80′s and 90′s by ALL of the Florida schools. Was it a coincidence that the big 3 suddenly rose to the top again at the same time?

    • Luvunoles says:

      This hate Bobby Bowden tirade? Where do you see the word hate in any of the above criticisms? I suppose you are in the Bobby Bowden fan club composed of only GOOD PEOPLE?

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      If you go back and read what I said, I never said I hate Bobby Bowden, or that Bowden is an evil man. I said that his wife Ann should really shut her mouth, and that if she really feels the way she says, then by all means the door shouldn’t hit them in the ass on the way to Europe.

      If you really think FSU would be a do nothing girls school without Bobby Bowden, you’re sorely mistaken. Research some of the academic achievements reached at Florida State, that had nothing to do with Bowden and everything to do with science, english and math professors.

    • SnydeNo Gravatar says:

      Um…real sorry to break this to you man…but we are definitely NOT a great football school in the present state. Bobby has been collecting 2.5 mil for the last 10 years of mediocrity. Would any other coach at any supposed “Power” program be allowed to continue? No, they wouldn’t. Just watch one, just one freaking postgame interview with Bobby this season. The guy is a joke. It’s not his fault hes 80 years old, but the fact remains…HE IS 80 YEARS OLD! His interviews are an embarrassment. He has no idea what is actually going on in games. He still thinks we’re “1 play(er) away”. He does nothing but drag this program down further every time he steps on the field or has a mic in front of his face. The man is a shadow of what he once was and so is our program. I’m ashamed of the Bowden’s. The lamest part of all of this is he’ll be back next year.

      • nolemanray says:

        It has been a great run with Coach Bowden, but the great part of the run ended 8 years ago. Since then it has been a slide into mediocrity, and Bobby, himself said if we ever got mediocre, he would leave. Check the record Bobby, and please take Miss Ann with you !!!
        Give Jimbo the opportunity to bring the program back to greatness !!!

  9. Drake says:

    The Perfect Game

    Hello Seminoles! My name is Drake. To you, I am nobody but to me you are everything. I have been a Seminole fan for 34 years. I was a fan when coach Bowden would go, with his team and whip the stuffing out of the feared names in college football and on their own soil too.
    Looking forward to the next game with Florida, some people have already decided that this game will be a loss but I say to you; that’s what they said when you went to Provo and did the unthinkable. Look at what you accomplished together.
    I must admit that during the last 4-1/2 minutes of the Maryland game, (Turnover), I walked away from the game cast. I saw no chance of you coming back. Then a co-worker called me over and said, “Drake look at this.” He was looking at the game on the computer. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It re-affirmed what I had seen all year; you guys don’t quit until the clock reads 0. That is the identity of your team. A young 170 pound man decided to fearlessly make a play for his team.
    Warrick Dunn made such a play, in Gainesville. Peter Warrick and Tay Cody made such plays in the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech and Chris Hope made such a play on the one yard line as time expired. You have the same type of players on this team.
    That is what it means to wear Garnet and Gold. As a no-body that bleeds those colors, I challenge you individually and collectively to play this next game leaving your “all” on the field, while playing with Seminole Pride and executing your assignments to perfection.
    Coach Bowden and Coach Andrews have left so many life altering memories in the young minds that they helped mold over the years
    10, 15 or 20 years from now; what memories, they and you will have, if you pull together for this one!
    Good Luck and Go Noles,

    Pensacola, Florida

    • Luvunoles says:

      You are so right! No guts – No glory!
      GO NOLES! We will be watching and rooting until the end! No windows or doors will be open at my house! I’ll spare my neighbors listening to the agony and the ecstasy! Hopefully there will be more ecstasy!

  10. kaymelNo Gravatar says:

    As Tammy Wynette sang “Stand By You Man”. I applaud you for that Ann. Enjoy your retirement.

  11. animalNo Gravatar says:

    bring boobby back

  12. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t think things worked out like Ann thought they would.

  13. GregNo Gravatar says:

    People are calling Ann arrogant because of her comments. That’s not arrogance. That isn’t delusion either as some have suggested.

    I read it as they were hurt, and they were.

    I’m sure Ann knows she could have done better in that moment but you have to remember … many people reading this blog weren’t even around when the Bowdens moved to Tallahassee.

    BB had goals. One of them was to reach 400 wins. He was also looking at his mortality. Years ago I heard him speak of his mentor Bear Bryant and also Woody Hayes. Both died shortly after they retired form coaching. That thought was on his mind, guarantee.

    They Bowdens are human. Like most people who have achieved the success they have and for as long, they failed to see when they needed to step down.

    Don’t take it out on them. It is actually a sad situation to a very storied career. Ann sacrificed her entire adult life for FSU. Bobby was gone either on away games or on the recruiting trail while Ann raised the family. A coaches wife has as much investment as the man does.

    But the move was needed and the results speak for themselves. Since no one on these blogs can put themselves in the Bowden’s shoes then try and understand where they are coming from and show some respect.

    I am sure they wanted a better send off than they got. Wouldn’t you?

    But that is the way of college sports now. If you don’t win, you’re out, even if you are Bobby Bowden. Too bad one of the greatest coaches in NCAA football had to learn that the hard way.

    So give Ann a break, She was just venting her hurt and frustrations.

    • LuvunolesNo Gravatar says:

      I just can’t resist!
      “So give Ann a break, she was just venting her hurt and frustrations.” — All the way to the BANK!


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