Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Begrudgingly Random and Belatedly Meaningless Thoughts


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1.    No bowl game for Wake Forest. No fourth win in a row over FSU for the Deacs. No first time for any QB in the ACC to win four in a row over the Seminoles. The only thing that could have made the outcome better was if the score had been 30-0.
2.    Christian who? That other guy should have been starting all season long!!! FSU would be undefeated!  Just kidding Christian. Juuuuuuuuuuuust kidding.

3.    In describing how well coached the Deacons are Gene Deckerhoff described it as “Wake Forest did not get off the boat yesterday.” Why would they? It was a home game. And isn’t Winston Salem landlocked? Let me go check my map of North Carolina. Oh wait … I don’t have one!!

4.    You really have to feel for FSU punter Shawn Powell. He has GOT to be just bored silly sitting on the sideline all that time only to get in one, maybe two, plays a game. On second thought, that’s a good thing!!! Sorry, Shawn, no pity from me.

5.    Well, we certainly know ACC referees can call holding. Late hits out of bounds on a certain QB who shall remain nameless (cough cough EJ cough) ….. apparently not.

6.    On Greg Reid’s 68 yard punt return for a touchdown you:
a.    Cheered wildly immediately
b.    Cheered wildly while checking for the yellow flag
c.    Waited 5 to 10 seconds waited for it, waited for it, took a stiff drink just in case, waited and THEN cheered wildly after not seeing any sign of that piece of laundry that shows up all too often when it’s an ACC officiating crew
d.    Fainted dead away when you didn’t see the refs throw that dadgum hanky

7.    Just wondering. After that devastating hit on WF safety Cyhl (and there’s a name that REALLY needs to buy a vowel) Quarles causing his helmet to fly off leaving him in a crumpled heap, just wondering can Jarmon Fortson play both ways? You can never have too many hard hitting wide receivers … er, I mean defenders.

8.    And speaking of hard hits, from Deckerhoff after Jermaine Thomas was clobbered along the sideline. “he won’t be having any sinus problems tomorrow.” Thomas’ ear, nose, and throat doctor will be pleased to hear that.

9.    Instead of the usual four fingers raised in the air at the end of the third quarter and with FSU leading 34-21 how many said a brief prayer asking for the ever popular and always successful 15 minute 37 play drive? I know I did.

10.    OK, FSU didn’t get that 37 play drive. Not to worry. With the Deacons on the FSU one yard line enter the wisdom of Mrs. BFT as she said “this is where we intercept them.” Next play ….well; do I even really have to say? Apparently Ochuko Jenije heard her though. With prognostication ability like that I really am going to have to consider taking that woman to Vegas sometime.

Bonus Begrudgingly Random and Belatedly Meaningless Thoughts

11.    With Saturday’s win over Wake Forest, the Seminoles are now 15-1 since 1986 when starting a new quarterback in his first game. So here’s a thought, start a new quarterback every game. Most if not all Seminole fans would take that .938 winning percentage in a heartbeat. Paging Ryan Becker, paging Mr. Becker…. you’re up next son.

12.    Sign seen at ESPN’s Gameday show: “I bleed purple”. Must have been Klingons.

13.    From Matt Millen calling the Miami/North Carolina game: “They (Miami) have them on their heels now.” Umm, well they are the Tar Heels after all. So Matt’s point was?

14.    Now why couldn’t the Bulls played like that last September 17th? After that 31-0 shellacking the Bulls aren’t even the 4th best team in New Jersey. Come to think of it, there aren’t four FBS teams in the Garden State. Still wouldn’t be the 4th best team.

15.    So Maryland wore camouflage uniforms Saturday in their game against Virginia Tech. Didn’t work. The Hokies were still able to find them in holding the Terp’s offense to just three points.

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