Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Simplistically Random and Frighteningly Meaningless Thoughts


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1.    Well that was an excellent treat. But someone please break out the paddles to reboot my cardiac system.

2.    And speaking of trick or treat, kudos to Jimbo Fisher in designing that trick play. You know the one where Jermaine Thomas runs right drawing the defense, fumbles the ball perfectly where only he can recover it, pick it up and reverse field back to the left gaining numerous yards. Sure had the Wolfpack fooled.

3.    Shootout? Did someone say shootout? For those of you who, for recreational purposes only, took the under (65 points) on this game …. what the heck were you thinking? You lost somewhere in the third quarter.

4.    With the score tied at 21 why did I have this feeling that the first team to 50 wins?

5.    Best sign seen at the game: Shown on camera after Christian tossed that 39 yard touchdown pass to Taiwan Easterling …. “Ponder That”.

6.    I really have to say I enjoyed that 12 play, 98 yard drive ending in a touchdown. That one play, 80 yard touchdown pass …. not so much.

7.    Gene Deckerhoff after yet another holding penalty: “Good golly, what officiating school did these guys go to?” Why where all ACC officials go …. to the School for Numerous and/or Fictitious Holding Calls.

8.    And on the penalty on Greg Reid, it’s perfectly understandable why that was called. Greg led with his shoulder, hit Russell Wilson well below his head, and of course the clincher … he hit him too hard. In the world of ACC officiating hitting hard is an obvious blatant penalty. It’s not like they are playing football or anything.

9.    Bobby Bowden’s last comment to Deckerhoff on the pre-game radio show: “Tell them (the fans) to get there early.” Approximately thirty thousand apparently didn’t get that message.

10.    As Raycom showed a brief piece on Toney Baker’s knee rehab in a pool, Mrs. BFT couldn’t help but notice the TV monitor by the pool with a camera on the player’s legs presumably to monitor the workout. Came the comment from the Mrs., “I guess that’s so the leg coach can watch them.” Leg coach????? What the heck is a leg coach??

Bonus Simplistically Random and Frighteningly Meaningless Thoughts

11.    Getting into the spirit of Halloween, kudos to the three Elvis impersonators two of which that were replete with the jet black Elvis hair, the Elvis sideburns, the Elvis sequined jumpsuit. But my vote goes to the third guy who was fat and bald wearing the traditional Elvis white jumpsuit. After all Elvis is 74 years old now and can’t possibly look like those other two guys. And we all know he’s still alive. And apparently taking in Florida State football games.

12.    Kudos for another excellent costume also goes to the student (well at least we assume he was a student since he was in the north endzone) wearing a garnet and gold full body stocking with no mouth hole or eye holes. Bet that guy didn’t go to the concession stand very often.

13.    Sign seen at ESPN’s Gameday show at Oregon: “Mom, I’m Ducked up on Quack.” Hopefully Mom read that sign right.

14.    Alright, at 5-3 just who exactly stole the Duke football team and replaced them with a real football team? We want the old back please!!

15.    You are the Georgia Bulldogs. In an effort to beat the gatros (their …) aka crocs of XXVI, something you don’t very often these days, you decide the best way to do that is:
a.    Install some new trick offensive plays
b.    Design some new blitz packages to stop the Tebownizer
c.    Don black helmets for the first time ever.
We’ll go with c. Yeah that’ll be the difference maker.

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