Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Abbreviatedly Random and Briefly Meaningless Thoughts


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1.    If you are one that likes a lot of offense, then you got your monies worth with over 1,000 combined yards and 93 total points scored. On the other hand, if you are one that leans towards a defensive kind of game, right about now you are requesting a refund. Don’t hold your breath however.

2.    Stat of the game: Three Georgia Tech touchdowns in just four plays. We’re hoping the game plan for the defense was to tire out Tech’s offense. REEEEEEEEEEALY hoping. Certainly FSU’s defense wasn’t winded from those series.

3.    Sitting at 2-4 on the season so far there is some good news for FSU fans.  It is a money back guarantee (you won’t have to hold your breath for this one) that the Seminoles will not lose next Saturday. Of course they don’t play but that’s beside the point. We here at Random Thoughts look for any silver lining we can find right about now.

4.    There is a possible solution to end this three game losing streak. Florida State has not won a game since beating BYU in Utah. The obvious solution ….. move Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium to Utah. As I said we here at Random Thoughts look for anything.

5.    It’s either the above mentioned solution or following that sage advice from that great philosopher John “Bluto” Blutarsky; start drinking heavily.

6.    Here’s something that I thought was just reserved for Duke football. Basketball season starts in six days. (That’s one of those silver lining things by the way.)

7.    And as Ron Cherry announced yet another holding call on Florida State (apparently the Seminoles’ opponent never hold when it’s a Ron Cherry crew involved) came this comment from Gene Deckerhoff. “Let’s hear Ron Cherry’s favorite call.”

8.    Proving once again that the announcer kiss of death is real came this comment from Deckerhoff moments before Tech’s first fumble. “There have been no punts or turnovers so far.” You know, if you could only place a bet right after an announcer says one of those kinds of things you could clean up. Wouldn’t have to wait for that refund or money back guarantee.

9.    And Georgia Tech brought their punter why?

10.    I wonder if a Nobel Prize is awarded to the team that gives up the most number of big plays in college football? If so, there’s plenty of time to get your nominations in by February 1.

Bonus Abbreviatedly Random and Briefly Meaningless Thoughts

11.    If you tuned earlier in the day to catch another ACC showdown this one between Virginia Tech and Boston College, you certainly didn’t have to watch very long to figure out who was going to win that game.

12.    And on that above-mentioned game, alright, who replaced the Hokies’ offense with that juggernaut? We want that other one back!!!

13.    As the first quarter stats appeared on the TV screen for that above-above-mentioned game showing BC with 1 yard rushing and zero yards passing came the salient observation from Mrs., BFT. “No wonder they are having problems scoring.” That girl is a genius sometimes.

14.    Raycom sideline reporter Mike Hogwood on Virginia Tech: “They have a tremendous work ethic bringing a lunch pail to every game.” Appropriate considering it was a noon kickoff.

15.    Ladies and gentleman I give you Buckeyeman. Words fail me.


2 Responses to “Abbreviatedly Random and Briefly Meaningless Thoughts”
  1. Luvunoles says:

    Thank you for the insights!
    My Post Scritp to Swartzbaugh

    Drunks were everywhere around the stadium, more so than the usual. I am told that this is the case with the night games. What surprised me was the ratio of young and old s**t-faced fans was 50:50.

    Did anyone notice that the visible deputy presence disappeared as soon as the announcers proclaimed the lightning delay? The exits were blocked by fans who didn’t want to walk too far. The passage-ways between the the ramps were clogged with people who just wanted to stand in the middle, people attempting to buy food or drink, and those who were trying to make their way to the ground level. Note to deputies: We needed you to be directing the pedestrian traffic! Note to the deputy in his vehicle outside of a main gate: I am soooooooo glad that you felt safe!

    No Coach participated in the coin toss, unlike the last home game when Coach Amato went out with the players. Wasn’t that the game that there were words in the locker room and someone pumped up his chest (more), as if that were possible?

    Coach Bowden, it was nice to see you walking up and down the sidelines with the headset on more than off! Guess, you’ve decided to earn some of that 2,000,000 +!

    • Noleit says:

      This was my first time buying season tickets, and it will be my last until there is change.The remainder of home games went thur the shredder this morning. Wish I had some nice things to say. But I DON’T.I will spend the little bit of money I have on women sports.