Monday, September 1st, 2014

This past weekend the media that covers the Atlantic Coast Conference voted how they think the leagues standings will end up. Florida State with 314 votes was voted to finish 7th right behind Wake Forest with 315. Duke and North Carolina tied for first. The voting indicates a couple of things. First, the conference could […]

Maybe I’m a little stupid or something, but I just don’t understand why I now have to read about how much better Christian Ponder is than Tim Tebow, like EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I hear enough about Timmy from ESPN, CBS, every Gator on the planet. Now I’m reading direct comparisons on all plenty of Seminole websites. […]

I’m back from my EPIC FAIL at softball a few weeks ago, when a lovely softball decided to shatter and break parts of the right side of my face. Things are slowly healing up, and I’m well enough to provide some thoughts on the last few weeks. Some of these aren’t the most timely, but […]

Rank Team Delta 1 Texas 1 2 Florida 1 3 Alabama 2 4 Boise State 5 Cincinnati 6 Iowa 7 Georgia Tech 1 8 TCU 3 9 LSU 1 10 Southern Cal 1 11 Oregon 1 12 Penn State 2 13 Virginia Tech 14 Oklahoma State 2 15 Miami (Florida) 8 16 Houston 1 17 […]

Last season’s record: 25-10 (overall), 10-6 (conference, 4th place) Key losses: Toney Douglas (21.5 ppg – 1st, 2.9 apg – 1st, 1.8 stls/gm – 1st, 81.0% FT – 2nd, 3.9 rpg – 5th); Uche Echefu (8.1 ppg – t3rd, 5.2 rpg – 2nd, 84.8% FT – 1st) Key additions: Michael Snaer – 6’5” SG (Senior […]

Rank Team Delta 1 Alabama 2 Texas 1 3 Florida 1 4 Boise State 5 Cincinnati 1 6 Iowa 6 7 Miami (Florida) 1 8 Georgia Tech 1 9 Southern Cal 1 10 LSU 1 11 TCU 2 12 Oregon 2 13 Virginia Tech 8 14 Penn State 1 15 Kansas 8 16 Oklahoma State […]

That would be an accurate assessment of Florida State’s version of Midnight Madness on Friday night. Nearly a full house, roughly 3,000, at Tully Gym were thoroughly entertained by Leonard Hamilton’s 2009-2010 squad. A series of drills that included various dribbling techniques, two man pick and roll plays, five man breakouts off missed free throws […]

1.    If you are one that likes a lot of offense, then you got your monies worth with over 1,000 combined yards and 93 total points scored. On the other hand, if you are one that leans towards a defensive kind of game, right about now you are requesting a refund. Don’t hold your breath […]

This is what I’m submitting for the week… it’s not really up for debate this week since I’m in and out a lot at this point regarding the site. Rank Team Delta 1 Alabama 2 Texas 1 3 Florida 1 4 Boise State 5 LSU 6 Auburn 7 Cincinnati 8 Virginia Tech 9 Kansas 10 […]

Hi everyone. Once again I thank all of you for your well wishes over the last few days. I’m healing, and I’m due for surgery on Tuesday I think. But, I’m feeling pretty good considering everything. Since I don’t know how long I’ll be laid up post surgery, I wanted to post some thoughts about […]