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The ACC Hit Parade And The Weekly Scalpoll


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The Weekly Scalpoll

After watching the Texas / Texas Tech game on TV in Austin, I was inspired to ask the readers and tweeters about artificial turf at Doak Campbell Stadium.  The votes are in, and it’s a resounding No (69%). I’m left to wonder why so many people are so passionately against FieldTurf for the Noles, especially when I view football as a sport that benefits the most from technology improvements (ie, Instant Replay, Better Pads and Helmets, Bigger / Faster / Stronger players through researched based exercises). FieldTurf seems like the next logical step, considering tight budgets, water restrictions, maintenance costs, etc. On top of that, new artificial surfaces seem to help prevent injures by providing a uniform playing surface. I really thought more people would be for it, but then again I guess change is always difficult to digest.

One other thing to think about which I missed. My father actually brought it up at this weekend’s game. How hot would FieldTurf be for day games at Doak? I didn’t have a good answer to that one.

Up this week for the poll (vote to the right), can Jimbo Fisher’s tenure at FSU be fairly judged before he has full control of the program?

The ACC Hit Parade

The ACCOTB has their Weekly ACC Football Power Poll up. The Noles come in at #6, which I think is too high. They should be in the bottom half of the league, definitely.

Miami – Anton Azucar’s initial reaction made me laugh after the Canes were beat down by the Hokies in Blacksburg. Canespace on the other hand, shows how much the Noles and Canes have in common as they comment on Miami taking two steps forward and then taking one back. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of the Canes, because I don’t know what to make of the Noles or Georgia Tech.

North CarolinaCarolina March talks about the ACCocalypse. Sadly, Duke prevented it from happening last weekend. Sad, if you are rooting against the ACC I guess.  I do agree though, that last year’s exciting parity is this year’s bunch of bad teams.

Clemson – My favorite college player that’s not a Nole is frustrated with his lack of playing time for the Tigers. Granted, Willy Korn wasn’t pretty in his few snaps this season, but is Kyle Parker and the rest of the Clemson offense doing anything?

Virginia Tech – I’m not even linking to anything… I’ll just say that reading CGB_Blog and GobblerCountry on Twitter after the victory and as they continued to drink that night was quite amusing. Nice job by the Hokies, the ACC’s only shot at respectability right now.

Jim Young of ACC Sports Journal has a bunch of Daily Links up today too, with a ton more ACC reading if you want to check it out. Lots of extended stuff in his post.

Georgia Tech – From The Rumble Seat had a Tick Lookalike dressed up as a GT Yellow Jacket for their Open Thread. I guess when you hand the Tar Heels their rear ends, there’s not a lot to talk about after the game.

Boston College – I’ll have plenty to say about them this week. My apologies to BC Draft though for having to cancel my podcast appearance with them this week on short notice due to some scheduling conflicts.

N.C. State – I’m ignoring the Wolfpack. Why? Because they’re sneaky good so far (3-1) and I’m going to remain in denial that they are another potential loss on the Noles schedule this season.

Duke / Virginia / Maryland – I’m not wasting keystrokes until your teams turn it around a bit. And no, Duke’s victory doesn’t count.

Majorettes Of The Day

As promised, here’s something to ease the pain of the USF loss, some wonderful FSU Majorettes!


2 Responses to “The ACC Hit Parade And The Weekly Scalpoll”
  1. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    re: the poll. I think Fisher can be somewhat judged as an OC but not a HC. There are some things you can properly judge, such as general recruiting and philosophy. However, how much is Fisher and how much is Bowden is hard to say.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Generally I’d agree with you Evan. My problem is that I just don’t believe that Fisher is being allowed to do what he needs to do at this point in his tenure at FSU. Sure a lot of that is based on rumor not fit for the site, but at some point when there’s smoke, there’s fire so to speak.