Thursday, August 21st, 2014

The Weekly Scalpoll And The ACC Hit Parade


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Weekly Scalpoll

Only 32 of 120 voters gave FSU a 70% or better chance to win the game against BYU. I guess those readers should get a big pat on the back now for looking like geniuses? As the week went on, I thought we had a better chance to win the game. I even predicted an FSU victory, but I’ll but honest and tell you that I wasn’t one of those 32 votes. I think there’s too much Mets and Jets fan in me to ever EXPECT a great game. Either way, I’m sure those that voted in the bottom of the poll were just as happy for a Noles victory over BYU, maybe even more so than their higher voting counterparts.

Up for this week is a question I posed on Twitter at the end of the BYU game. The question was brought on while I was watch Texas Tech at Texas, where the Longhorns were now playing on Field Turf instead of grass. The question for this week is Are You Opposed to Field Turf at Doak Campbell Stadium? (Vote to the right.)

Things to consider before voting:

  • Field Turf is much safer than the old Astro Turf.
  • Maintenance Costs are lower, no need to water or cut grass, lines don’t need to be repainted they’re woven into the fabric.
  • No need to use pesticides.
  • Doak could host more events without worry of damage to the field, theoretically.

ACC Hit Parade

I could harp on the beautiful FSU victory last weekend, but I won’t. It’s time to give some love to our ACC friends.

Tar Heel Mania explains UNC’s victory over ECU via a painting. I give lots of points for originality.

Russell Wilson might have had a record breaking night for N.C. State, but according to Backing The Pack, Tom O’Brien is, “… tired of building depth.”

Brenden at From Old Virginia thinks the clock should strike midnight on the Al Groh era at UVA. I can’t say that I disagree. The Cavs are embarrassing.

No BC links this week. All you need to know is that their fan base is delusional and thinks that because Clemson didn’t score an offensive TD against them that the Eagles are pretty close to the Tigers. Oh, I didn’t mention the score? Clemson killed them 25-7.

Not that it takes a lot for a Miami Hurricane to make me vomit, but Canespace is taking the U love to a new level, explaining to the masses that many popular songs are really about DA U.

I’m giving my colleagues at From The Rumble Seat a free generic shout out this week, since they’re busy licking their wounds from last Thursday night and now facing DOOM… EVIL EVIL DOOM for the rest of the season. Or something like that.

And last but not least, there’s Virginia Tech that managed a miracle against Nebraska and now faces the Canes for the ACC Coastal Division championship on Saturday. Maybe that’s why College Game Balls and Gobbler Country were in a girlie slap fight with Tomahawk Nation yesterday?



4 Responses to “The Weekly Scalpoll And The ACC Hit Parade”
  1. cgbNo Gravatar says:

    Maybe that’s why College Game Balls and Gobbler Country were in a girlie slap fight with Tomahawk Nation yesterday?

    Come on, it was at LEAST a shoving contest!

  2. DKfromVANo Gravatar says:

    With the way we played in the rain against J-ville state on natural grass, I say bring on the field turf!

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      In an interesting thought… I used to be one of those Grass only guys, but FieldTurf is a great product. With the tight times in the budgets of every school, I’m wondering if it’s a worthy investment for most places. My high school (Lely – Naples, FL) went to it because of the amount of use / watering / etc requirements of grass and it’s worked out well.