Friday, August 29th, 2014

Friday Quick Hits


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Time to put this post into the hurry up:

  • FSU Football continues to practice well from what I read and hear, but the injuries are starting to pile up. It seems to me that this continues to be a big problem for the Noles.
  • I read a post about home field advantage not mattering in college football. Then I looked at the stats provided. Hello? Anyone home McFly? The best team on the road still doesn’t have a winning percentage as the 10th best team at home. I think that demonstrates home field advantage pretty well.
  • FSU Cheerleaders remain hot. Follow them on Twitter.
  • Leonard Hamilton finally got a contract extension from FSU. I wonder if the boys from Tomahawk Nation will refer to him as Coach now?
  • FSU put 165 athletes on the ACC Academic Honor Roll. <Insert Cheating Scandal joke here>
  • The football team is in full pads finally. The defense is getting torched, as expected. Let’s hope the Noles can get that corrected, and if not, let’s hope FSU can outscore everybody.
  • Oh yeah, and Mike Bianchi is going to wet himself with delight because today is Tim Tebow’s birthday. Happy Birthday Tim. Really I mean that. Definitely. Yep. Hope it’s a great day. Someone some take him to Cafe Risque and get photos. Please?

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