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ACC Hit Parade And Weekly Scalpoll


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Weekly Scalpoll

First, let’s take a look at the results from last week. As of this writing, 44% of readers decided that the Running Backs will be the highlight of the 2009 Seminole Offense. To me, that’s a trick question.  If they are the highlight, then the REAL highlight will be the Offensive Line of the Seminoles. Incidentally, 36% of you got my point on that before I made it.  As for the 6% of you that voted the Wide Receivers as a highlight, I’m going to slap you now.

Moving on to this week’s Scalpoll (vote to the right). Do you think Mickey Andrew’s got a raw deal by not being named the head coach in waiting? I always assumed that Mickey had no interest in the job, but I stand corrected now (I linked this over on the Facebook Page, if you’re not yet a fan, click the button to the right and join!) and evidently he found out when the Jimbo Fisher deal was announced.

ACC Hit Parade

Heather Dinich reports on ACC Optimism. In reality, that’s all there is until the ACC puts up or shuts up (we’re looking at you this year Virginia Tech). Parity is fun to watch for a fan, but it doesn’t get you respect in the final polls. With all of that said, I expect to have a bunch of 8-4 teams in the ACC. I predict 2009 will be more of the same and the ACC will not have a legitimate national title contender.

Miami – You may not like the Canes, but you have to like some of Mark Whipple’s quotes over there. “If you want something easy, you should’ve gone Division III. You could’ve been a star, but no one would’ve cared.” I like guys like that, don’t you? Also, Hurricanes blog Anton Azucar has a Miami / FSU Haiku Preview. My thoughts on it? Well, the truth kind of hurts.

UNC – Has some improvements coming at Keenan Stadium. It’s nice to see the ACC schools investing money into their programs. FSU helped lead the way with Doak Campbell Stadium, which force ACC teams to put up or shut up regarding facilities.

Georgia Tech – Yellow Jackets Head Coach, Paul Johnson, doesn’t like lazy special teams according to a quote over at From The Rumble Seat. The guys over there also ranked the mascots. If you’re wondering why there is no FSU representation, don’t forget that Chief Osceola and Renegade are symbols, not mascots. Oh and one other post from those crazy engineering nerds… they did statistical analysis on conference COLORS for crying out loud. Notice the ACC looks a lot like good old F-S-U!

VT – The Hokey Pokey continues to be the lamest thing ever. It was awful at the 1999 National Title game when FSU beat VT, and it’s still lame now. How VT can have one of the best traditions (Enter Sandman) and one of the worst is beyond me.

And in closing, an Ibis is one ugly bird.


4 Responses to “ACC Hit Parade And Weekly Scalpoll”
  1. Gurney Halleck says:

    that haiku was beyond depressing, I can safely say without looking like a homer that we’d have at least 4 titles if it were true.

  2. We’re engineers….what do you expect?