Monday, September 1st, 2014

A Little Bit Of Site News: Threaded Commenting


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Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that as another improvement to I’ve implemented threaded commenting. What’s that? You’ve probably seen it elsewhere already on other blogs or message boards, but if you haven’t, it’s just a way to clarify the comments by allowing you to “reply” directly to a comment. Basically, it indents the comment you leave for clarity, and aligns replies under the initial comment. To use it, click the “Reply” link (circled in photo) and the comment you post will appear under the comment you’re replying to. If you want to post a comment without replying, fill out the comment box like you normally do! As always if the change sucks, let me know and I can  turn it off again, but I’m hoping you like it! Enjoy!



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  1. Luvunoles says:

    Good addition!