Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

The ACC Hit Parade and The Weekly Scalpoll


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Weekly Scalpoll

First, check out this week’s Scalpoll (now to the right). Which position do you think will be the highlight of the Seminole offense? If anybody picks the Wide Receivers I’m going to slap them upside the head. However, I think a case can be made for the Offensive Line and Running Backs. Perhaps the QB play too, although I’m not as enamored with Christian Ponder as some other FSU fans.

The ACC Hit Parade

The ACC Hit Parade is my new weekly feature that takes the time to look at some of our Atlantic Coast Conference brethren. Up first, is our arrogant friends at Boston College. BC Interruption is pushing for the Eagles to be included in an ESPN Top 40 poll. Basically, the poll is looking to “redo” Division I, FBS with only 40 teams. It’s a bit of fall cleaning. And frankly, I left the Eagles out of my Top 40. Why? Why not?

Bobby Bowden knows Russell Wilson’s name. Russell Wilson is evidently pleased by this fact. Seminole fans should worry, and Wilson should be doubly proud, because while I love Bobby, I also know he can’t remember half of FSU’s names forget about the opponents. What does that mean to Seminole fans and the rest of the ACC? Wilson is probably a guy you want to keep an eye, and scheme to beat when you play N.C. State.

The ACC will allow both teams to wear dark colored jerseys in games. This should create some wonderful matchups, like Powder Blue UNC vs. Orange and Purple Virginia Tech. I actually like the idea within reason, but hopefully the games will come with a warning to turn down the contrast on that expensive HDTV. Speaking of this, Doug Rhodes the director of ACC officials, referred to FSU wearing it’s “burgundy.” Doug, Doug, Doug it’s Garnet.

By the way, Tar Heel Mania must be giving up. They’ve resorted to posting the Slap Chop, in spanish. Vince is no Billy Mays my little ewe friends.

On The B. Rink is power polling again, this time with ACC Quarterbacks. FSU is ranked #2? I think B. Rink is a little off again, although I like what he’s going for over there. FSU is only two deep, with Ponder and E.J. Manuel. B. Rink also ranks the Korn / Parker combo fifth!? Obviously he’s never read an EXTREME KORN REPORT.

And in closing, the Miami Hurricanes have ugly uniforms.


4 Responses to “The ACC Hit Parade and The Weekly Scalpoll”
  1. B. RinkNo Gravatar says:

    Actually have not read the EKR, that’s comedic genius right there.

    As an outsider to the FSU program, I have not seen a capable QB since I don’t know when(Weinke?). Ponder seemed to manage the offense well and win games for you. FSU doesn’t need a Colt McCoy to win the ACC(though it’d be nice!) and I think Ponder can handle it.

  2. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @ B. Rink, Ponder will manage it okay, I’m just not thrilled about him. I look at Riley Skinner, or the Korn Parker combo and think they are better than FSU. The Noles will win games this year, don’t get me wrong, but it’s going to be thanks to an OL that kills and some better than expected RBs.

  3. Luvunoles says:

    BC Eagles on top? Evangelically speaking, shouldn’t it be on the bottom?

  4. It’s the spanish Vince commercials that are entertaining. It looks like he’s reading the cue card from a Babelfish translator.