Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Scott Speicher Is Finally Coming Home


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When I arrived at Florida State University as a freshman in the fall of 1997, I’ll admit that I didn’t know the lay of the land and didn’t know much about the history of the school or of the Seminole Tribe. Thankfully, I learned much about FSU, and one of those stories was that of Scott Speicher. For many of you the name probably sounds familiar, because the FSU Tennis Center was named for the avid tennis player in 2003. But, what many folks don’t know is that Scott Speicher’s F-18 was shot down in Iraq 18 years ago on the first day of Operation Desert Storm. His remains were finally located and Captain Speicher is returning home. Thank you Captain Speicher, Go ‘Noles and may you finally rest peacefully.

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