Thursday, July 24th, 2014

As a member of the Blogpoll, I’ve been pretty slack in participating in the optional roundtable discussions. Evidently they were “optional” like my high school baseball “optional” Saturday batting practice sessions. So without further ado, Hey Jenny Slater is hosting this Preseason Blogpoll Roundtable and here is my take on things: 1. Without naming names, […]

First up, if you want to watch today’s FSU Football press conference, check it out on Tomahawk Nation goes into some statistics and mathy stuff to predict the FSU Football Season, which they peg at 8-4. That was my prediction a while back going off of my gut feeling. We’ll see what happens. Either […]

There’s a good 3 minute video over at previewing the fall for FSU Softball. Check it out.

Anticipation! Maybe some of you remember the slow to start ketchup dripping from the bottle in the TV commercial.  The tune that drove that sales pitch home was  “Anticipation”.  My feelings exactly!  It’s how I feel about the Seminoles this close to the start of a new season.  Let me view the warm-ups from the […]

The first Blogpoll for 2009 is out, and it’s solid. was runner up for “Mr. Numb Existence” which to me, means I’m boring and pretty much status quo. Not a problem, considering the other Florida State entry, Tomahawk Nation decided to vomit up some choices based on strength of schedule alone which leads […]

James Esco and Dustin Hopkins are locked in a battle for the place kicking job which will likely last until Labor Day. Hopkins, the stronger leg of the two, is a shoe-in for the kickoff duties, but Esco continues to push Hopkins for the extra point and field goal duties with his consistency in practices […]

It’s time again for OTW, my weekly tongue-in-cheek rant against whatever I feel is wrong in the world of FSU and / or college athletics. Today, let’s talk about the Miami game not being sold out. Andrew Carter talked about it on his blog, giving five reasons why the game isn’t sold out. ChantRant called […]

The Weekly Scalpoll Looking back at last week, an overwhelming majority of voters voted for Miami to be the game the Noles are most likely to lose, behind Florida. After looking through the vote logs thought, the majority of those voters came from Miami. Surprise, surprise, Canes are stuffing the ballot box. Georgia Tech was […]

Thanks to user Nancy for providing us with some tidbits of info: Amber Bryant will redshirt the 2009/10 season due to injury. C. Garcia and C. Stager will not be returning to play softball.

It’s tough to do much of a review of the past weekend since the Noles haven’t started playing games yet, but let’s take a look at some of the best links out there. The great hope for FSU, E.J. Manuel is being patient reports Andrew Carter. What I continue to find intriguing about today’s player, […]