Thursday, August 28th, 2014

ChantRant Fires Back (Or At Least Smolders A Bit)


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Rich over at ChantRant chimed in a bit more about why it’s necessary to take shots at Aubrey Phillips. Under the guise of wishing Aubrey well, ChantRant points out:

But instead of taking the high road and moving on, Phillips portrays himself as a victim to a media eager for juicy stories about injustice.That’s what burned our bacon.

By the time we’re all done talking about this, I’m going to sound like a broken record. The point isn’t that Aubrey Phillips won’t take the high road. The point isn’t that the media wants juicy stories. FSU football gives the media plenty of boneheadedly juicey stories to the press each year. The point is that there is no reason to respond to it. Over and over and over, I hear how these “kids” need fifty million “chances” because they are just “kids” and screw up. “Kids do screw up NoleCC.” That’s what I hear every season from fans and bloggers alike. However, I’m pointing to the larger issue. Before people act like kids and take pot shots at a “kid” that made the mistake of thinking he could handle a very specific kind of approach to coaching at his second choice school, they should decide whether everyone is a kid or an adult and proceed accordingly. Too often each definition of a student-athlete is used when it’s convenient for the writer.

Back to the ChantRant article. Forget about the Letter of Intent argument that ChantRant makes. Tomahawk Nation would tell you that we should cut anyone and everyone for the sake of the program. More and more schools seem to share that attitude. If the school doesn’t have to abide by that contract, then neither does the student athlete in my opinion. Without a standardized way of testing and abiding by a contract, it leaves the student athlete open to coaches that just don’t “like them” or feel that they “aren’t progressing” because they have some hotshot high schooler they’d like to give a scholarship. Again, I’m not speaking to the Aubrey Phillips situation specifically. The facts are out there and readers can form their own opinions of it, but the larger issue remains out there unsolved.

ChantRant goes on to make the argument that this is similiar to the old burning yourself on McDonald’s coffee and suing case. I couldn’t disagree more. The coffee is about greed and cold hard cash. In Phillips’s specific case, he made a mistake and wants out. If he’s a “kid” then he did what kids do. He used every excuse in the book to get out of a situation he doesn’t like, and then yapped about it. Fine. As the “adults” we should know better than to get into an argument with him. All it does is make us look stupid, especially when the player in question and the loss of him is meaningless to the team. Florida State football fans should spend more time questioning how their football program is cleaning up academically, if their booster money is spent wisely and why the program is stagnant, than justifying rebuttals to a confused young man’s off the cuff comments.

Character. Accountability. Perseverance. I hope everyone finds more of it soon.

*** Update: Rick Trickett responds to Phillips’s comments ***


3 Responses to “ChantRant Fires Back (Or At Least Smolders A Bit)”
  1. Luvunoles says:

    On the scale of things, let’s not continue to pound this weighty problem into the ground!

  2. Ecwforever says:

    Aubrey Williams is so fat that he fell into the Grand Canyon and got stuck. When he parachutes out of a plane, it’s nighttime. When God said “Let there be light” He told Aubrey to move his fat ass out of the way first. When he put on a Malcom X T-shirt and lay down, a helicopter tried to land on him. He wears two watches: one for each time zone. His belly button has an echo. When he wore a red sweater, everyone on the street yelled “Hey Kool Aid Man!” His team photos were taken by satellite. His belt size is “Equator.” He sat on a dollar and made it four quarters. He has more rolls than the Publix bakery. Even his clothes have stretch marks. He would have been the star in “E.T.” but when he rode his bike across the moon, it caused an eclipse. When he stands alone in the left turn lane, the green arrow light comes on. The last time he bungee jumped, he went straight to Hell. When his beeper went off, everyone thought he was backing up. And finally, both you, the guy from Chantrant, and half of the numbnuts in Warchant are inside him right now.