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2009 FSU Football Gut Reaction Season Prediction


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Practice is just around the corner, and the first game is Labor Day evening, 8pm against the Canes. That ought to be a high scoring affair if history is any indication (ha!). It’s time for my gut reaction preseason predictions, and I’ll go game by game, but before I do, let me put out there that I think FSU has 8 wins in the schedule this season, not including a bowl game (or ACC Championship game, if that works out some way). When chatting casually about it, I usually say UF is a loss (1), GT is a loss (2), UNC on the road on a Thursday night (3) and take your pick of of losing 1 to the rest of the ACC, USF or BYU. Also, these are gut reactions, so I’ll leave the in depth thoughts until the week of the game, like I usually do. With that said I’ll attempt some game by game predictions:

Win (1-0) – September 7, 2009 – Miami

Blah, Blah Miami is young. Blah Blah, Miami isn’t as talented. Blah Blah. Listen this is a coin toss in my book. The Labor Day matchups with Miami are historically ugly and low scoring. Oh and did I mention FSU’s Lou Groza Award winner graduated? Let’s hope this game doesn’t come down to another potential game winning kick for the Noles. I’m rooting for a comfortable win. FSU 17, Miami 10.

Oh, and just remember, ladies look better in Garnet & Gold, than Orange & Green.

Win (2-0) – September 12, 2009 – Jacksonville State

Filler game that typically is a lot closer than it should be for the Noles. They’ll be playing on short rest after the Monday night game, but they’ll pull out the victory. FSU 20, Jacksonville State 17.

Win (3-0) – September 19, 2009 – @ BYU

Provo, Utaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. BYU is talented and this is another coin toss game in my head because it’s in Provo. The Noles are going to have to run the ball and control the clock to keep BYU from lighting up the Seminole defense in front of an excited home crowd. Noles execute the game plan and win, thanks to a big day on the ground. FSU 31, BYU 24

Win (4-0) – September 26, 2009 – USF

The Bulls present one of those no good for the Noles situations. USF has nothing to lose and everything to gain by beating FSU at Doak Campbell Stadium. Here’s the thing, I have an odd feeling that this one isn’t close, and lot of Green and Gold is going home to Tampa sorely disappointed. FSU 38, USF 20.

Oh and we have this guy to look forward to maybe…

Win (5-0) – October 3, 2009 – @ Boston College

This one is simple enough. The road team wins. FSU 24, BC 21.

Loss (5-1) – October 10, 2009 – Georgia Tech

The number one thing to hate about this game? It will likely be the “blackout” game. I hate the black jerseys, especially since they’ve apparently replaced the all garnet look FSU used to wear against GT. Reason number two? GT’s offense is going to have a field day at Doak, running all over the place, and throwing over the top. GT 31, FSU 17.

Loss (5-2) – October 22, 2009 – @ North Carolina

Thursday night + road game + FSU = FSU loss. UNC 3, FSU 0.

Win (6-2) – October 31, 2009 – North Carolina State

Tom O’Brien’s team should be improved, but not improved enough. FSU 35, N.C. State 19.

Loss (6-3) – November 7, 2009 – @ Clemson

Willy Korn is TOO EXTREME FOR THE NOLES. Dabo Swinney rides C.J. Spiller like the tiger in Harold & Kumar all the way to a bunch of wins, including a home win over FSU. Clemson 27, FSU 24.

Win (7-3) – November 14, 2009 – @ Wake Forest

The Demon Deacons seem to have FSU’s number, but the Noles have to win one occasionally, right? FSU 27, Wake Forest 17.

Win (8-3) – November 21, 2009 – Maryland

Ah, how I love the Terps and their little cockroach of a mascot. I’ll pick a random score here… something like FSU 52, Maryland 31? :)

Loss (8-4) – November 28, 2009 – @ Florida

Tim Tebow completes a 1 loss season with a victory over the Noles. It won’t be pretty for FSU, and Bowden will be back for 2010. UF 45, FSU 21.

So what do YOU think? See it differently than me? Do you see 8 wins or more? Do you see 4 losses, but to different teams? Leave me some comments!


32 Responses to “2009 FSU Football Gut Reaction Season Prediction”
  1. jfreeNo Gravatar says:

    your prediction is borderline WORST case scenario, going on that we havent improved any since last year…..i see maybe a 2 loss season with a acc championship birth, go noles!

  2. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    hahaha jfree… I certainly hope that you are right and I am wrong!

  3. I’ll be in Tallyho for this game and am pretty nervous about it. I don’t know if it’s just because of our history with FSU and the lucky way we escaped last year. Night game? I hope so!

  4. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @3, I hope so too, a lot depends on the beginning of the season though for both teams. At least I’m on the shady side of the field now if it’s not. :)

  5. delawarenoleNo Gravatar says:

    I see 10-2 with losses to UF and GT

    You other two losses Clemson and UNC I just dont see. I think we match up well and unless we crap the bed in these games (not unheard of) we shoul dwin close ones.

  6. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @5… do you think a BYU loss or a Wake loss is more possible than UNC or Clemson?

  7. Taylor says:

    @4, NoleCC:

    Have you already heard back from the ticket office about season ticket assignments? I thought that happened in the middle of August.

  8. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @7 Taylor, send them an email, they are usually happy to help if you’re seats are currently assigned.

  9. drew says:

    no way we lose 2 in a row. UNC will get beat at home against a pist off noles squad. and it was a cheetah in harold and kumar

  10. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @9 What is your guess for the overall record? And it’s pissed, not pist. ;-)

  11. DKfromVANo Gravatar says:

    @1 if we go 8-4 against this murderous schedule, it will definitely be an improvement from last year. These predictions are very realistic and the season would be successful if we were to win the games CC predicts we will. We play 9 top 50 teams per sporting news. More than anyone in the nation. Keep it in mind.

  12. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @11… Like I always say when I have a gut reaction like this to FSU’s schedule, I hope I’m wrong for the better. If this was 1999, I’d be up there with a 1 loss prediction, but with unproven special teams, unproven defense / defensive strategy and a depleted WR corps, I just don’t see how others can see something better than 8-4 regular season. What’s wonderful about that, with the way the ACC plays, we could go 8-4, and depending on how the losses shake out, still play for the ACC Title, which I believe would be a huge success for the 2009 Noles.

  13. TN says:


    I think 8-4 is dead on here, though I hope 2 and not 1 of those are non-conference, helping us to get to the ACC-CG.

    We’ll score much more than 17 on Tech’s defense. Outside of Morgan, their defensive line is horrid.

  14. OsceolaisstillcoolerthanTimTeebow says:

    Phil Steele’s glorious (but largely accurate) magazine has our schedule as the 2nd hardest in the country. He agrees with your predictions for the most part. I think that some of your scores are way off but I feel the same, with maybe a swapping of BYU and Clemson. BYU will be a dead small provo late crowd and the offense will start slow, one or two mistakes and the Cougars will prevail (hopefully not). A lost to USF @ Doak will destroy recruiting for several years to come!!!

  15. Gunnar WestergomNo Gravatar says:

    This prediction is the worst possible scenario! This only happens of we don’t play to the potential we have! We have a wayyy better running game with an older offensive line and a promising new running back in Jermaine thomas. The only problem is the loss in depth at the WR position. But Burt reed needs to step up and be our go to guy this year. Anyways I see a maybe 2 or 3 loss season. But not to UNC!? That’s boogus! Our only losses MIGHT be to UF, and maybe one more ACC team like GT or Miami. But never UNC! anyways 2009 should be a ACC championship year for FSU! Go Noles!!

  16. KnoxNoleNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with most of what Gunnar says…minus the possible loss to UM.

  17. DKfromVANo Gravatar says:

    @15 Really? You realize how good UNC’s defense is right? Very, very good. We play them on a Thursday night in Chapel Hill. We have a very good chance to lose 4 or even 5 games with the total lack of depth on the defensive side of the ball (do you know how many linebackers we have available right now? it’s scary), and the coaching on the defensive side. Clemson has a great o-line and the ability to put it all together, and we play them away. We always start poorly, Miami is definitely a potential loss. We won’t stop GT. Period. USF is a trap game after we go to BYU, and who knows how that one will go out in Provo. NC State is not a gimme at all. And we will be throttled by UF. If you don’t see how great an 8-4 season would be with this schedule, you really need to look at it again.

  18. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Gunnar is a little over excited IMHO. I think a loss to UF is a given. Granted, that’s why we play the games instead of on paper, but I think it’s unlikely.

  19. Jaytee says:

    I dont know. I like a lot of your predictions but i got a few issues. first off Jacksonville State wont score a point against FSU. Clemson i believe we can take. UNC is a toss up but if we get through the crowd then we can win that one as well. Georgia Tech I believe is gunna be another really close game but Florida State is gunna come out on top to make up for last year and that god forsaken fumble grrr. but other than those i believe it is fair

  20. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Jaytee, I certainly hope you are right and I’m wrong! :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    I agree with most of your predictions up to a point. Jacksonville state will not be close at all. Georgia tech will be a difficult game, but this year we are playing in Tallahassee, we will seek revenge for last year, and we will come out on top in a close game. UNC will score a bit more than three points and so will FSU. You saw what NC State accomplished against them last year in chapel hill (Win 41-10), but we still might lose on thursday night. Lastly, clemson may be playing at home but they won’t have the edge in this game. Yet another clemson team, hyped up by the prospect of winning even the ACC championship, is going to drop a big one to FSU at home.

  22. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @ Anon, Clemson might be different under Dabo. Maybe not, but maybe.

  23. caneKILLER says:

    we stop G.T.but ran out of time,by the time we saw what they was doin they was up,,i was @ the game we stop alot of that bullshit ….micky now have a tape,and have played g,t,,,,so i think we really goin to smackin in the mouth,and the d line all play last year,plus all are sr’s,,,o line up to par,i see 1 uf,,,thats if we get pass um,,,,,,gonoles…haters die,,,,

  24. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Killer… love the name! Go ‘Noles!

  25. Tallyho07No Gravatar says:

    I know this was posted in july, but as for the GT there will be no “black out” this season as we have now opted for the “White Out”. Imo this is a great call as the blacks have done us horribly wrong in the past. I don’t think a white out will truly help, and i agree that the all garnets was a great look in the past. However no change in uniform will help us with the triple option that no one seems to have figured out.

    I disagree on the UNC. I know their d-fense is stout, but they seem to be a negative image of current Noles. all D no O, (not entirely true but you get the picture)

    and as always, GO NOLES

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


      Yep, we’ve talked about the White Out a bit since then. I’m not a fan of it either, but maybe it will have more participation. I’m hoping the Noles break out the All Garnet look for GT now.

  26. ncaagreatness says:

    i see you losing to UM and perhaps losing to BYU but beating GT aw well as beating Clemson

  27. goBYUBlue says:

    Are you READY to have BYU whoop some FSU butt? Ok, it will be a close game, but like ncaagreatness said: losing to BYU.

    • NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

      Trolling intent aside, I don’t disagree that the Noles will have a tough time in Provo. But, that’s why they play the games, FSU might rise to the occasion, but I’m not betting on it.

  28. Anonymous says:



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