Friday, August 22nd, 2014

ACC Blog On The B. Rink came out with his power rankings for the ACC running backs and FSU ranks a mere 8th. 8th!? I think OTB is missing something huge, while FSU Running Backs Jermaine Thomas and Ty Jones might not have the copious amounts of experience fans would like, the FSU Offensive Line […]

Via – Kaleigh Rafter was awarded a spring postgraduate scholarship, one of only 58 in the nation. The scholarship is awarded by the NCAA for exceptional student athletes. Congrats to Kaleigh!

Starting today on Channel 735, Comcast digital cable. No HD channel yet from what I saw, but hopefully that will follow soon.

but did you know that Coach Colzie loves to be an umpire too? The Times-Georgian catches up with FSU’s Coach Colzie, and talks about his other passion for being an official. Okay enough of the serious stuff for today… I thought I would kick off our regularly scheduled Thursday post with this guy… your typical […]

RAH RAH RAH! BAM! Version 5 of just HIT YOU IN THE FACE DIDN’T IT? Based on user input, and some of my own user interface research, I present to you, FSU and fans, the new layout of It’s should be more clear, more pertinent and more user friendly. As you can […]

It’s summer, and things are dead until football ramps up in August. Thankfully we’re almost there! Here are some FSU Football updates: Bert Reed is likely entering a diversion program that will allow his charges to be dropped. In case you don’t ever check, they have some photos and video from the latest summer […]

Vote to the left, and leave me your thoughts on whether or not these continued appeals and lawsuits are worth the money?

Hi everyone! I need your help! As you know, I do my best to give you guys what you want, and I have some really great stuff I’m working on in my Area 51 test site for So, before I invest more time into some of the things I’m playing with, I need you […] is running their “From The Desk of Randy Spetman” column today, and it features pictures of the desired FSU Football Practice Facility, but the FSU AD also confirmed that there will be NO BLACKOUT GAME THIS YEAR! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wooohooo! I hope those jersey were burned in bonfires somewhere. As for […]

Rich over at ChantRant chimed in a bit more about why it’s necessary to take shots at Aubrey Phillips. Under the guise of wishing Aubrey well, ChantRant points out: But instead of taking the high road and moving on, Phillips portrays himself as a victim to a media eager for juicy stories about injustice.That’s what […]