Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Weekly Scalpoll: Grade T.K.’s Time As FSU President


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6 Responses to “Weekly Scalpoll: Grade T.K.’s Time As FSU President”
  1. TN says:

    D, but part of that was getting the stadium upgrades.

  2. Gurney Halleck says:

    For some reason and this is not to defend TK, I’ve got a feeling that if the football team had kept winning at the same rate as the 90′s a lot of TK’s shortcomings would have been overlooked because of the cash inflow.

  3. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @2, I think you’re on to something GH.

  4. Bill From TampaNo Gravatar says:

    C+. Basically he’s been average. A few successes. Some have been credited to him like the new bldgs which were in planning before he got there and the Rhodes Scholars which the students themselves did. He did help to get the Wis group to FSU. And then there was the near demise of the Chem Bldg. Still didn’t get the engineering school separated from FAMU. Did set a record for the Capital Campaign. But overall FSU’s fund raising remained ranked (117th in 2004) pretty much where it was before he got the job. ANd that was supposed to be his forte. All he did to get more money from the state was increase enrollment which led to other growth related problems. And when you have unrestrained growth like that and get a downturn economically …. well that’s why FSU is taking a tremendous hit with the budget. Then there was his all to visable comments on football. He should have been an AD IMO.

  5. GonzoNoleNo Gravatar says:

    I give him a D+. That may be generous but the worst case scenario (death penalty, bankruptcy, etc.) didn’t happen so a D+ seems appropriate. He was an incredibly poor representative for an institution of higher learning. I have read several of his comments to the media and he is a grammatical butcher. That may be fine in the legislature, but it makes us look like a redneck hayseed school when your president can barely put together a sentence. If you are going to have a high profile head football coach that is known for being a folksy, home spun kind of fella, you can’t have a university president doing the same shtick.

    His press conference about the NCAA where he seemed to lose his mind was a prime example of why he was not meant to be a spokesman for a university. As an alum of FSU, I was deeply embarrassed. I think I disagree about him being the school’s AD, though it would have been closer to his true love. I think he would have been embarrassing there too. Dave Hart would have never acted like T.k. did at that press conference. Remember Hart’s comment about spanking Spurrier and putting him to bed? That was noteworthy. For TK, that would have been just another day at the office. I personally think he should have been a football coach. That was a better fit for him.

    Bill From Tampa’s points are on target as far as the nuts and bolts of running the school are concerned. He seems to have accomplished nothing of any great merit other than be a place holder president. Let’s not forget the Chiro school bellyflop, though. Actually, I would love to see a list of things considered his accomplishments. What will they say at his retirement dinner?

    In the end, my feelings for him are mixed. He is a Nole and his coming here to be the president at FSU was to be the capstone on his career. Unfortunately, even though he was more than capable of campaigning for and winning the job, he was not the man for it. Success in one career doesn’t automatically translate to success in another if you are not willing to learn and listen. He seemed tone deaf his entire administration. I thought that at LEAST the football program would have been straightened out by the end of his administration. Maybe getting Jimbo Fisher will be his lasting legacy there.

    My question is do you think will follow him? Maybe, if we’re lucky, we can get Coach Bowden to retire and take over the university! :-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought F, but that was too harsh. D-