Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Are FSU Football Preseason Accolades Deserved?


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I’ve been keeping track of my RSS reader lately, and it seems that every time I open it, FSU is getting praise from some preseason magazine. My question is why?

  • FSU hasn’t proven anything. Last year’s 9 win season had two FCS teams in the W column, don’t forget. To me that’s no improvement (in record) over 2007.
  • The FSU Wide Receiving corps was sliced and diced due to their own idiocy.
  • Christian Ponder has not proved anything yet, and E.J. Manuel missed the entire spring.
  • FSU has a big fat question mark at Place Kicker, and yes, that’s BIG.
  • The Seminoles have a schedule with traps all over it, the opener with Miami, at BYU, Georgia Tech, etc.
  • Many of the teams in the ACC are on par with the Noles talent wise.
  • FSU’s defense is depleted, and doesn’t adjust well to a spread option or option, which many teams are going to run against us.
  • There is still chaos at the top of the coaching chain.

I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer but…

… the Noles don’t deserve many of the accolades they are receiving. They’re still living off of a name that was built in the 80′s and 90′s.


7 Responses to “Are FSU Football Preseason Accolades Deserved?”
  1. TN says:

    9-4 yes, but 5-3 in a much improved ACC > 4-4 in the 2007 ACC.

    Led the conference in points in conference play.

  2. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    That’s why I said “in record.” I know there were statistical improvements in other categories last year, but W’s count.

  3. Bill From TampaNo Gravatar says:

    Personally I don’t think any polls should come out until after game 4. Anything coming out now is meaningless. Injuries can happen in training camp or players you expect to be there aren’t i.e. McDaniel who may leave for MLB.

  4. TN says:

    5-3 > 4-4. That’s a record, and we’re comparing like things.

    McDaniel isn’t a big baseball prospect and will not leave for the MLB.

  5. CantWaitForJimbo says:

    I totally agree with this article. We’ll be lucky if we’re 4-4 in the conference this year. Except for recruiting day, all off-season news has been bad and there is nobody at all we can say is definitely good other than the running backs. Even the offensive line could only run block last year so they probably won’t pick up pass blocking immediately if at all. All else is just hope and speculation and all the hope in the world didn’t do much good the last eight years. For example, everyone automatically thinks Christian Ponder will be better just because he’s a year older but there’s very little evidence to support that–not to mention the last two (or three) quarterbacks never got better in subsequent years.

  6. Garnet lining says:

    Are you serious, we beat Miami and lost To GaTech on a fumble at the 2 yard line.The only people with equal talent is Miami and they are very young.Georgia Tech was more a product of unfamiliarity and they had a underrated D-line in which they lose 3 players. I agree with the receivers having regressed. However we are a running team and it’s not like we have scrubs in the receiving corp. What teams are going to run the spread except the Gators. And if they do with what Quarterback. It’s not the offense it’s the players. Va Tech ran alot spread option and we ate it up. BC ran a lot of counter option and killed us because of their line. I think the love is deserving. We have alot of depth on defense. Just not a lot of experience. But hey will see.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Come on people! Be true to your team. Florida State will have the team to beat this year.Fsu has had their ups and downs over the years but, this year will be different. Ponder has grown and they have alot of starters coming back. Fsu will win the ACC! and teams suce as florida, GT and Miami better watch out. Remember people its been along time since Fsu beat Florida but this year might just be the year. All of you people are just going on the past. Why look at the past seasons. you cant change them. They can only get better and they will. The Seminoles will be back on top this year. Not only the ACC but they will be ranked high all year long. GO NOLES!!!!>>>—-fsu-;;–>