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FSU Softball Updates And A Look Ahead To 2010


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It’s been too long since I posted some news about the FSU Softball Team, so here’s some info and my thoughts on the (assumed) returning players for 2010.

Awards Time:

Carly Wynn – She earned 3rd Team Academic All-America honors from ESPN. A 3.77 GPA combined with her bat made her an easy pick.  And, in case you missed, she also took time out to talk about the recruiting process a little bit. If you have dreams of playing softball at the next level, pay attention!

Sarah Hamilton – Earned 3rd Team NFCA / Louisville Slugger All America Honors.

A Look Ahead To 2010:

One final time, a big thank you to the users that participated here this year in the softball threads and took the time to talk about the team. I think things are generally civil here, and though many people take different sides of a story or coaching decision, in the end we’re all Noles and want the team to win! That said, here are my gut reaction feeling about our returning players next season in a sentence or two.

In order by number:

Kristie McConn – I like her glove, but I think her bat might cost her her starting job at 2B at some point in the season.

Jessica Lola – A question mark, since she didn’t play much. I like her hustle though.

Amber Bryant – Lots of potential. Should be better in her sophomore season.

Monica Montez – One of my favorites returning. If she’s healthy (like she apparently was from the mid-point on in 2009), she can return to her stellar freshman year form.

Terese Gober – I like her as the #2 pitcher on the staff.

Ashley Stager – Needs to continue to improve the glove a bit and the bat. My guess is she’s the only returning starting infielder next year.

Courtney Rosen – Will again see time as a utility player.

Shayla Jackson – .315 her freshman year in 2009. She’ll see lots of playing time in 2010, and gives flexibility to Alameda at the leadoff spot.

Carly Wynn – Just one hell of a ballplayer. She’ll have to lead the way offensively again.

Lauren Varsalona – Will again be the #3 option, which isn’t a criticism. She’s behind Hamilton and Gober.

Courtney Stager – Has the pedigree, but will that translate to playing time next season?

Mallory Borden – Borden needs to become a better hitter. Her range in the field lacks.

Sarah Hamilton – For me, Hamilton is the #1 ace of the staff. The strikeout queen will keep the Noles in most ball games.

Brittany Joseph – Improved at 1B as the season went on, but the bat needs to improve or a recruit or two might take that job away.

Robin Ahrberg – The de facto starting catcher next year? Hopefully she’s healthy, and can dust the rust off quickly.

Camille Garcia – My guess is that Garcia will see some time at 3rd and maybe some DP spots.

Allison Collins – Relief catcher? DP? If Collins is hitting, she could add some needed power to the lineup.


9 Responses to “FSU Softball Updates And A Look Ahead To 2010”
  1. Anonymous says:

    is Buster and Jack’s sister Sam going to play next season for the Noles?

  2. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Anon, I’ve heard nothing about Sam Posey heading to FSU.

    FWIW though, she batted .324 for Gulf Coast Community College (Panama City, FL) and slugged .531. She played a bit of shortstop for the Commodores too. I was under the impression that she’ll return to GCCC for her Sophomore year.

  3. Ed says:

    Besides Carly, Shayla and Ashley, most positions look up for grabs. I hope the girls work hard this off season, particularly in the weight room and I hope they live in the batting cages. A lot of questions about next years line-up, with a bunch of new faces coming in. Nice piece CC.

  4. Ed says:

    Also, pitching, as you mentioned should be fine. It is a huge plus with Rafter coming back as a grad assistant, so she can still call the games, just not from behind the plate.

  5. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @4 Excellent bit of news Ed regarding Rafter.

  6. Nancy says:

    Rafter is coming back as a Student Assistant and Michelle Snyder is coming back as a grad assistant – both welcome additions to the coaching staff.
    Heard Rafter also attracted players looking to learn from one of the best catchers out there. Watch for news of a couple transfers coming to FSU for the 09/10 season.

  7. Nancy says:

    Oops – forgot to mention this tidbit of information from July 2, 2009:
    NCAA 2008-09 Postgraduate Scholarship Women’s Spring Sports Awardees from the State of Florida:

    Stacey Nelson, Softball, Florida – 3.56 GPA (Philosophy)
    Kaleigh Rafter, Softball, Florida State – 4.0 GPA (Criminology)

    Congrats to these girls – especially to Rafter representing FSU!!

  8. Nancy says:

    Roster news:
    Amber Bryant will redshirt the 2009/10 season due to injury.
    C. Garcia and C. Stager will not be returning to play softball.
    Will continue to update as more news comes available.