Thursday, August 21st, 2014

I’m lookin’ at you Georgia Tech. Yeah that’s right. I KNOW I should hate Miami more, but I don’t. Every experience I’ve directly had with GT fans (minus the guys at Legacy x4… but I haven’t actually met them remember), has been one of a foul mouthed, drunken moron. What’s that? You say, college football […]

Do you put a Jolly Rancher in that Zima too FOV? Maybe you need medical attention from the: Sometimes, I just absolutely hate sports fans. Specifically, I hate sports bloggers, who are the guys that are passionate enough to actually write about the team they adore. Yes, I even hate myself a little bit at […]

Excuse the non-FSU news, but I felt as though I had to point out a huge death over the weekend. As Chili once told me, “Billy Mays is an American Treasure and anyone that thinks differently WILL SHUT THEIR MOUTHS.” I couldn’t agree more. Billy Mays got me to try Oxy Clean, and he got […]

(Guest post by Jordi Scrubbings of The Serious Tip.) If you haven’t heard the news yet, former Florida State guard Toney Douglas was recently selected in the NBA Draft by the New York Knicks*. (* Technically he was drafted by the LA Lakers, but the Knicks immediately bought the rights to the pick.) I am […]

We all know that guy. You know what I’m talking about. That guy, who is trying desperately to make up for his own insecurities. He wears a tie to “suit up” at casual affairs and outdress the “competition.” He constantly cracks jokes around women for the attention. He always “selling” himself. He talks about the popular […]

I’ve been looking around the ‘Net lately, and when it comes to UF and their own criminal problems, it seems that the argument is, “Well the problems are all Zook’s kids, so don’t blame Meyer.” That’s what some Gator fans are saying. Seminole fans are quit to jump on Gator fans saying that Meyer is […]

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all the crap going on with the FSU Football program. Thankfully, Myron Rolle swooped in to save the day with yet another feel good story. Myron, if you remember, is a classy Rhodes Scholar that played saftey for the Noles for the last three seasons. Now […]

Gee, what a surprise. Yet another Seminole in trouble with the law. This time it’s Maurice Harris, a sophomore linebacker. More at the Tallahassee Democrat and Orlando Sentinel. Is anyone else tired of this yet? ***EDIT I forgot a good link over at Tomahawk Nation on the story***

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From the Tallahassee Democrat, FSU Releases NCAA Reply: If FSU does win the appeal, Spetman has acknowledged that the NCAA could come back and take away more scholarships. In its original sanctions that include a four-year probation, the Committee on Infractions only slight added to the scholarship deductions already put in place by FSU. I […]