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Bobby Bowden Is Pathetic? Penn State Blogger Gets It All Wrong


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What am I talking about? Go over to “Black Shoe Diaries” another wonderful SB Nation blog that decided today to spew some hate towards FSU Football Head Coach Bobby Bowden. Go read it and come back.

I know the “in” thing to do is take the piss out of Bobby Bowden regarding the Academic Issues that the NCAA ruled on and FSU is still appealing. But come on BSD, are you freakin’ serious?

A couple of things to remember:

  • Penn State fans are weirdly obsessed with Bowden not having the record. Noles fans are not nearly as obsessed with JoePa not getting it, imho, we’d rather root for Bowden TO get the record (and then retire).
  • Penn State fans have nothing better to do in State College, PA than think about ways to bitch about Bowden.
  • Penn State fans are from the Big 10, delusion is their thing
  • Penn State players can give FSU players a run for their money when it comes to off the field indiscretions.
  • They continue to whine about wins a Samford, because you know, it’s not fair.
  • I chose FSU over Penn State (and others) when I made my college choice, so I’m biased (if you couldn’t tell from the name of this blog)
  • Penn State fans jump around to freaking Zombie Nation:

Back to the real point here. BSD has it all wrong when it comes to Florida State University’s response to the NCAA sanctions. Bobby Bowden doesn’t have anything to do with it. Sure, the media ASKS him about it, but he’s not exactly in on FSU’s response. T.K. Wetherell does, Athletic Director Randy Spetman does, and a whole slew of lawyer that are spending plenty of FSU dollars do. *** Added after initial post – And me, evidently, since a portion of my BOOSTER MONEY IS GOING TO THIS DEFENSE, ARGH!*** On top of that, the response is about multiple wins across multiple sports, including a couple of Track National Championships. This isn’t a football / Bowden only thing to FSU.

This is their response. We didn’t know that 30 players were cheating. We didn’t know that three people we put in charge of tutoring and supporting these athletes were purposely helping them cheat. We shouldn’t be punished for this.

No, the response is actually more like “Um, hey NCAA we reported this, like you asked schools too. We stopped it as soon as we found out. Now why are you doubly screwing us, when we could have acted like Southern Cal and Reggie Bush and just shut you out of everything instead of being honest.”

Let me get this straight. Florida State is considering giving up more scholarships in exchange for getting the wins back? Is the record so important to Bowden, Wetherell, and the Florida State community that they are willing to sacrifice future wins and deny potential athletes a free education for a chance at it? I mean, even if they get the wins back it’s no guarantee Bowden will get the record. Paterno just signed a three year contract extension while Jimbo Fisher has been promised $5 million if he’s not the Florida State head coach by 2011. If I’m a Seminole fan I have to be furious that Wetherell and Bowden are even considering sacrificing the future of the program so one man can leave something for his grandkids.

You’re missing the point BSD on two fronts still, this isn’t JUST ABOUT BOWDEN. This is about multiple wins across multiple sports. And let’s be honest about the free education bs, this is college football (they should just pay the kids and all it the minor league NFL at this point, at least it would be fair to the players) and it’s all about the Benjamins. Most of the players aren’t going to be a student and play football (at FSU, Penn State or any other major D-I program) they’re going to play football and attend some classes. The second point is that the future of FSU football was long ago sacrificed when Jeff Bowden was made Offensive Coordinator and the program was allowed to go into the vast abyss called mediocrity starting in 2001.

Yes, FSU Athletes cheated. FSU punished them as soon as they knew about the problem, and they punished everyone involved. It was across multiple sports and it occurred in one very poorly administered class. Does it suck that it happened? Yes. Should FSU lose wins? I don’t think so, since they didn’t knowingly play ineligible players, and that’s the whole point of the penalty. Should FSU trades wins for scholarships? At this point I don’t care either way, that’s part of being disgusted with the whole thing. What I’d rather focus on is that the ship is righted and heading the proper direction from this point forward. That point won’t happen until this NCAA business is finished, wins, scholarships or none of the above.

As much as I don’t love the football program at the moment, Bobby Bowden is not a pathetic man as the article implies. He certainly no worse than a man that hangs referee dolls on his door. His quotes are that of an old man thinking about the end of his career, and probably don’t come out framed as they should. Who cares? Bowden has raised many millions of dollars for Florida State University, and his football program brought FSU into the national spotlight. Without Bowden’s down home personality with FSU Boosters, FSU would be a smaller school (not small, just smaller) with a great baseball team. Has the game passed Bowden by? Perhaps, but FSU did the boneheaded thing and named the field after him, put a statue up and one ugly stained glass window at Doak Campbell Stadium, which means you can’t get rid of the him until he wants to go. It’s that simple. Give credit to Penn State for not making that mistake, but to imply that Bowden is any less of a good person than Joe Paterno is a joke. Both are good men, that made a hell of a living as good football coaches, and both have done a lot for their respective universities.


19 Responses to “Bobby Bowden Is Pathetic? Penn State Blogger Gets It All Wrong”
  1. Let's be honest says:

    Just because they self-reported the infractions doesn’t mean they should keep the wins. A bank robber who confesses to robbing banks doesn’t get to keep the money he stole. The games were won with players that were ineligible and the wins should be vacated, end of story.

  2. Yes, I robbed the banks, ... says:

    but since I confessed & stayed home every weekend for the past month, I think I should be able to keep the money & not have to go jail.

  3. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @1 So what you’re saying is that basically the NCAA should be law enforcement, and that they should do the investigating, and hand out punishment like a court system. The problem then, is that they aren’t the police, have no power of subpoena, and they don’t have the man power to actually investigate anything. Basically, there would be no incentive for anyone to report anything, and the cheating that would go on (forget about academic at that point, we’re talking gifts, money, etc) would be rampant.

    The robber thing I get, I just think it’s a poor example in this case. The players didn’t do something on the field that gave them an advantage, it wasn’t a case of enhancement there. Was the cheating awful? Yes. Should they be subject to the same rules in the classroom as every other student? Yes. Do they fail the class, yes, and if that affects their GPA and makes them ineligible in the future so be it. Major League Baseball doesn’t make teams vacate wins for having a player that gets suspended for whatever reason, why should the NCAA make teams vacate wins in this case?

  4. STLNo Gravatar says:

    As a PSU fan, I don’t care is Bobby keeps the wins or not. They are both great coaches and won a ton of games.

    I would not kill the future of my program for extra wins, I am sure Jim Bo agrees. Its my understanding the FSU will give up the wins in exchange for future scholarships. If I was the next coach, I would not be happy with that idea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @3 There’s no incentive for FSU to report it now. Like you said, the NCAA doesn’t have the manpower to investigate these sort of things.

    The players didn’t get an advantage in the form of performance enhancement, but the team absolutely got an advantage. The players cheated to stay eligible, which allowed them to play and allowed the team to win. Well if you can figure out which games the suspended players affected you should notify MLB and maybe they should vacate the wins.

  6. Anonymous says:

    of course psu is obsessed with the record. outside of that, your bulleted items have about as much insight into the penn state community as stephen A. Smith did during that slanderous espn piece last year. there are many misconceptions and inaccuracies with this post.

    “Most of the players aren’t going to be a student and play football (at FSU, Penn State or any other major D-I program) they’re going to play football and attend some classes.”

    are you actually implying that cheating isn’t a bad thing among student athletes? to do that would be an absolute insult to rolle, who earned his rhodes scholorship last year.

    secondly psu does actually have students who play football. as do notre dame, navy, etc., all of which have incredible graduation rates. all of psu’s student-athletes continue to graduate well above their peers nationwide.

    “Should FSU trades wins for scholarships? At this point I don’t care either way, that’s part of being disgusted with the whole thing.”

    you should care. the athletic future of your program is taking a hit, and sacraficing scholies now across all sports affects their futures as well as the potential students involved. not caring will not make this issue go away.

    in fact, i believe not caring is what got fsu’s program into this mess in the first place.

    while it is admirable that FSU reported the infraction, it is appalling the lengths they are going to spin this. since you used the “they didn’t know” defense, should usc not be penalized because they allegedly did not know bush and others were also cheating?

  7. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @6 I’m not implying that cheating isn’t a bad thing. It’s a horrible thing. What I’m saying is that it’s a sad fact that the “student” in student athlete is going away, thanks to greedy universities and the NCAA. It’s funny how it’s okay for university websites to charge money and use player images, but others cannot, no?

    Also, USC should be penalized if anybody could find out what happened with the Reggie Bush sitation. The problem is that the NCAA can’t find anything out, so nothing comes of it. FSU on the other hand, tried to take the high road, report it like the NCAA wanted, and then the NCAA decides to change the rules. Oklahoma got wins back on their appeal, why should FSU be different?

  8. Swiggy says:

    The difference between Oklahoma and Florida State is that Oklahoma had one player caught cheating, and the NCAA didn’t find it fair to penalize the whole team.

    Florida State, on the other hand, had two dozen players caught cheating. It’s ok to penalize the whole team when it’s the whole team doing it.

    The problem with this whole coaching record nonsense is that it is not about the record. The fact is teams across the country are going to whatever lengths necessary to win games because of the pressures put on these coaches to win by boosters, recruits and ADs who will fire them as qucikly as they hired them. Florida State got caught, nobly turned themselves in, and now they have a vacation of wins to thank them for it.

    Is it fair that FSU is probably being set as an “example,” probably not. No matter who you root for, including Penn State, you would be quite naive to look at the FSU scandal and say “thank God my school doesnt do that.”

    The correct phrase is “thank God my school didnt get caught.”

  9. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Nice post Swiggy!

  10. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    If the losing coach of the FSU vs Penn State bowl game a few years ago was forced to retire, as I suggested, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Hey, I thought it was a great idea. Maybe I watch too much pro wrestling.

  11. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    That would have been better than a Mick Foley / Undertaker Hell In A Cell match Jordi. lol.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It appears to be even more naive to assume all schools systemically cheat. As you point out, OU had one player caught. That is a far cry from the 61 “student athletes” that cheated with the aid of school personal. It is ridiculous to even suggest that all schools do this (institutional supported cheating) and that they are just “lucky” to not be caught. Cheating to some degree may happen everywhere sometimes. The FSU case goes far beyond what could even be considered the background rate of academic cheating.

  13. smashtheguitar says:

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of the “but every school cheats and they just didn’t get caught!” argument. Whatever the percentage of schools it is that is doing this, this argument is just a cop out. If you get caught, you should be punished (even if you’re USC).

    While I don’t particularly agree with Bowden’s Samford wins, I don’t want JoePa to take the record and have Bowden and FSU fans complain for the rest of their lives that Bowden was cheated. Unless FSU starts playing like gods or JoePa’s health finally takes a turn for the worse, Joe will be around for another 3 seasons and Bobby won’t. Joe will take this title, and it will be legit.

  14. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    My point about OU is less about how many cheated and more about how the NCAA handles itself and the procedures it’s going through with FSU. I don’t debate that FSU problem was major, and that it needed major correction, nor do I intend to imply that every other school out there has a problem like FSU had in that one class.

    @13… Joe will take the title, I have no doubts about it and couldn’t care less. Great for him and Penn State, and if Bobby somehow pulls it out of his ass then great for him and the Noles.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “The players didn’t do something on the field that gave them an advantage, it wasn’t a case of enhancement there.”

    So being able to spend more time in the playbook and less time in the textbook because you are provided the answers to your evaluations isn’t a competitive advantage?

    Maybe PSU fans don’t get it then…to me that’s a clear advantage.

  16. psuphiman80No Gravatar says:


    I apologize for the insult I hurled at you over at BSD. You turned out to be freakin’ awesome. I hope you’re not a stranger in the future.

    +1000 cocktails to you

  17. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


    Thank you sir! I always try to spread some level headed Nole goodwill when I visit another site. I’ll stop in, BSD looks like it has quite the fun community over there.

  18. JIMPSUNo Gravatar says:

    The Oklahoma situation did not involve academic fraud. It was 2 players who accepted no show jobs at a local car dealership. The NCAA rightfully looked on the academic scandal more seriously, and said so in their report.

  19. Tims_a_NoleNo Gravatar says:

    The NCAA bylaws clearly state that a player “FOUND TO BE IN VIOLATION OF THIS BYLAW ARE INELIGIBLE FOR FURTHER PLAY”. FSU followed this guideline, ruled the players ineligible and the participated in no further games until they were reinstated by the NCAA and had completed the required suspensions.

    everyone wants to sit back and rip FSU over this issue..I guess it will be interesting to see how you react when some kid that plays for your school violates a NCAA bylaw and the NCAA decides that the player was ineligible from the moment of the act and strips your team of victories. Do you realize that an act in High School could do this? If the NCAA stays the course on this one then be ready for the rewrite of NCAA records every year.

    If the NCAA desires that a SA is ineligible from the moment of the act then they need to rewrite the rules to clearly state this…and see if it gets passed.