Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Baseball: The Noles beat Marist last night, after a lengthy delay caused by lightning in the first game. The Noles 4pm game actually started around 9:30pm! FSU takes on Georgia today (they have some rather big country boys on that team that can tatoo a ball) at 4pm. The losers bracket game between Marist and […]

#2 seed Georgia takes on #3 seed Ohio State at noon today. #1 seed Florida State takes on #4 seed Marist at 4pm today. If you can, get out there to support the Noles. If can get to both games even better, since regionals are a great opportunity to catch some quality baseball teams that […]

I have a bad feeling about the Marist game for some reason. As much as I hate holding back a #1 pitcher, starting Busch is probably the right move for Friday. I hate Ohio State. I don’t like Georgia much either. I’d say the weather is supposed to be nice, but that means it’s going […]

Florida State, Georgia, Ohio State and Marist. Will the Noles surive to face the winner of the Norman, OK regional? Vote to the left, leave me some comments about why the Noles will or won’t make it out alive!

I really don’t have a lot to say about yesterday’s ACC Baseball Championship Game. Andrew Carter sums everything up pretty well on his blog, pointing out the wild pitches, errors, etc. The only thing I can add to his thoughts is that teams tend to take on a manager’s (or in this case head coach’s) […]

Dear IAC, No you may not post 10 times in an hour, having a conversation with yourself, while trying to play like it’s two different anonymous commentors. You see, you have an IP address that gets logged every time you comment, so I can tell that it’s you each time. You may not attack users […]

First, some upfront facts about me here at ScalpEm.com: I have never applied for a press credential at FSU. I wouldn’t want one, because I like to be a fan and watch the game. I’m not here to be the news or the press release, not that there is anything wrong with that. So aside […]

FSU Baseball takes on B.C. today at the ACC Tournament in Raleigh, N.C. Check it out locally on Comcast Channel 16. My thoughts on the tournament? I think FSU has a good shot to make it to the finals, but I don’t think they’ll get the trophy when all is said and done. Georgia Tech […]

Before I get started, a quote from Tomahawk Nation: Over the weekend the baseball team got the sweep and the softball team was eliminated from the NCAA tournament.  If you’re really THAT interested in softball, I’d suggest you head over to ScalpEm to find out what happened. THAT interested? Boys, boys, boys, YOU SHOULD BE THAT INTERESTED. Why? […]

What am I talking about? Go over to “Black Shoe Diaries” another wonderful SB Nation blog that decided today to spew some hate towards FSU Football Head Coach Bobby Bowden. Go read it and come back. I know the “in” thing to do is take the piss out of Bobby Bowden regarding the Academic Issues […]