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FSU Football: Rod Owens DUI, NoleCC’s Tired Of This Stuff


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Tomahawk Nation: Rod Owens Arrested For DUI.

WCTV: FSU Football Player Arrested.

Heather Dinich: Even more embarrassment for FSU.

If you’ve been paying attention, I haven’t posted a lot of football related news on ScalpEm recently. I basically didn’t acknowledge spring practice, the spring game, recruiting or anything else lately. Why? Because I’m SICK AND TIRED OF THIS PROGRAM, THE SELFISH PLAYERS IN IT, AND THE COACHING STAFF THAT DOESN’T SEEM TO GIVE A CRAP ANYMORE. Rod Owens DUI is the latest and greatest black eye for the school that I love and graduated from.

Like it or not the football program is the front for Florida State University for most of America, and right now America should think FSU is full of slacking, mistake prone, immature people. According to the various articles, Owens blew a .155 at 4:30 in the morning. Like TN said, either he was sauced badly at 2AM when the bars closed, or the party continued elsewhere, late into the night. TN makes a good point, that legally this is the first offense for Owens, and should be treated as such. I agree, in regards to his enrollment at FSU, if any other student got a DUI it wouldn’t matter at the Monday morning class. But, there’s that other part to Rod’s FSU status, as a football player, and in my opinion, zero-tolerance should be shown here. SEND A MESSAGE TO THE PLAYERS.

Maybe I’m out on an island on this one… or maybe I’ll get a bunch of bottles back:


13 Responses to “FSU Football: Rod Owens DUI, NoleCC’s Tired Of This Stuff”
  1. DKfromVANo Gravatar says:

    You’re right on here. A message definitely needs to be sent to the entire team, especially the WR’s. Stadium steps won’t suffice anymore.

  2. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @1 – DK, thanks. I couldn’t agree more. Players wanted to be treated as special, then should play by some special rules too. Most of these things shouldn’t be tolerated as much as they are. It’s not like these guys toilet papered a Dean’s House.

  3. ba says:

    Agree too. Now’s it’s pretty embarrassing. Seems every month or so there’s a player in trouble with law. We’re becoming worse than thug-U

  4. TN says:

    If you want to send a message, change the system. Don’t do a knee-jerk reaction.

    Oh, and if you want to send that message, prepare to lose the top recruits.

    Once we have leadership at the top of the program, this stuff will die down.

  5. TN says:

    Hopefully we can have:

    M. Harriss
    J. Little
    M. Alexander
    B. Davis

    or another cut candidate be the next screw up.

    Owens has had 4 clean years.

  6. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @ 4 Knee jerk? There won’t be much of a response I’m sure, since it’s “only” a misdemeanor. My point is that the coaching situation continues to suck, we all know that, and the fact that a lot of this player issue garbage goes on and is allowed is a symptom of that problem.

    A message should be sent by Jimbo.
    A message should be sent by the Athletic Department.
    A message should be sent by T.K.

    But it won’t happen, I’m not stupid.

    @ 5 Listen, I know my response is emotional, but there isn’t much you can do out there dumber than DUI, if you’re Rod Owens. Everyone in Tallahassee would give the guy a ride. And the excuse that he had 4 clean years stinks. People have 5 clean years, 10 clean years, a LIFETIME of clean years. Nobody’s perfect, but the fact that so many of the players do this kind of stupid stuff drives me crazy. Where are the coaches? Where is FSU? Why aren’t these guys wiser? Hell, WHERE ARE THEIR TEAMMATES? ARE THERE NO LEADERS ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THIS CRAP?

  7. TN says:


    You didn’t say: a message should be sent by The athletic director.

    You didn’t say: a message should be sent by the head coach.

    Don’t expect change until the change is made.

  8. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @7 A message should be sent by Randy Spetman
    A message should be sent by Bobby Bowden

    Neither of those will happen either.

  9. JordiNo Gravatar says:

    Eventually, we will suck so bad due to suspensions or lack of interest that no one will consider going to FSU. Then we can recruit quality students who can’t play football. Then we get a new head coach. Then we get another Ron Simmons. 20 years later, we win it all.

    It’s just that easy.

  10. gatorhippyNo Gravatar says:

    NoleCC, bud…

    You gotta relax a bit…

    It could be worse…

    Look at UF…

  11. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @9 LOL

    @10… I dunno GH, the FSU coaching staff and administration seems to be relaxed enough for everyone.

  12. Luvunoles says:

    There are plenty of quality players recruited across the country that know how to use the cell phone to call a cab or how to recruit a football groupie to be the designated driver! FSU has backup driving programs in place for years so that no one would be afraid to call for help to get back to campus safely! Once again the freedom that the football players have to roam all night long just seems totally irresponsible; especially, when we are spending money to appeal the current NCAA ruling which affects more than just the football team, but all the press seems to point to how the ruling affects Coach Bowden and his football career wins. Just maybe Coach Bowden would have more wins if late nights, booze, stealing, cheating and fighting were addressed more stringently! How about we decide to recruit more emotionally mature and socially adjusted players? Perhaps, we need to decide that Community Service should be addressed by the players who have so much time on their hands! When FSU gives scholarships to players who are academically borderline or perhaps have been in touble with the law during high school or a combination, the University is left with the inevitable clean up needed when the ungrateful take advantage! You can bet that there are many of us who have reached a peak of frustration concerning FSU and the lack of leadership to make the tought choices to clean up the mess and to move forward in prevention.

  13. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    @12, promoted to a full post…