Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

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Yes I know that FSU Softball has another regular season series next weekend at Boston College, however I’ll be on my honeymoon, so not including next weekend, here are my grades, thoughts, etc. on the 2009 Seminole Softball season. Before I hand out the grades, thanks to Jessica Gilmore, Michelle Snyder and Kaleigh Rafter the […]

Um… other than FSU sending in the appeal to the NCAA, where they point out that they shouldn’t vacate wins and championships because they self reports and if the NCAA doesn’t change their opinion basically nobody will ever self report again, there’s not much going on today. Baseball plays Wake Forest tonight (but you knew […]

Remember the days of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch? I think it’s time that it came back for a new run. First up? Andrew “The Sentinel” Carter vs. Gene “Dot Com” Williams Ding, Ding, Ding Andrew Carter blogged about Lee Gordon’s post on Warchant yesterday, asking if FSU recruit Jacobbi McDaniel would skip FSU and head to […]

Quick pre-site-news reminder: FSU Softball takes on Virginia at JoAnne Graf Field this weekend. They are the final home games for the Noles this season. GET TO A GAME, IT’S FREE! Site News: I’m getting married next week, so my friend Chili, from Block-C.com has graciously accepted the helm for ScalpEm.com while I’m off getting […]

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This popped up in my Google News search today… it’s a good read from Andrew Carter. FSU, in the midst of an awful budget crisis, is bleeding money into the palms of the attornies from The Compliance Group. “More recently, in January, records indicate that a 15-minute phone call that a member of The Compliance […]

FSU Seminole Baseball and FSU Seminole Softball laid waste to the N.C. State Wolfpack over the weekend. Both teams broke out the brooms and swept The Pack. For the Baseball Team: Game 1 – Noles score late for a 9-3 win. Game 2 – Noles Tapley Hits a Granny and puts the Noles over 4-2. […]

FSU Softball Heads To N.C. State for a weekend ACC series. FSU Baseball Heads To N.C. State for a weekend ACC series. ***Update*** I forgot about Stadium Chair Gate – Now you can bring one with a back, but it must CONFORM! Yeah that’s all I got today… so here’s a picture of Jaime King, […]

Final score last night? 10-2 UF over the Noles. Number of curtain calls? 1-0 FSU over the Gators. Doesn’t make sense does it? Tommy Oravetz blasted a 2 run homer last night to put the Noles behind 10-2 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Oravetz rounded the bases, and scuffled into the dugout. And […]