Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Saturday, 7pm… EXTREME. Are you going? Vote to the left.<——- Me? I’ll be avoiding the spring game traffic mildly annoying extra couple of cars, to attend the FSU Softball Doubleheader against Virginia Tech at 3pm and 5pm.

And I don’t mean the relaxing type. Let me start off with the bright spots first today. The Noles pulled out a 5-4 victory over Georgia Tech yesterday (which show they can still bounce back from a crappy day), with an unlikely hero contributing. Michelle Snyder hit a 3-run bomb in the 4th inning, and […]

Quick thoughts all various topics: The baseball team is still rough, even with a rally to beat FGCU last night. The Petting Zoo in Section 10  is amusing, mostly. The softball team is up to #19, they beat FAMU in a tough one, but they keep on winning those games. A win is a win […]

This was passed along to me via email from Time, Inc. Point After: Learn a Lesson, Lose the Wins  By Selena Roberts There was no grace in defeat. Florida State president T.K. Wetherell shook with fury last week as he smack-talked the NCAA during a 40-minute press conference. The First Fan of the Seminoles called […]

Before I get into some thoughts on FSU Softball, I would like to specifically thank the fans that are stopping by more and more to comment on the softball team and coverage! I love hearing from you, and I know the other softball fans out there like to have some discussion. This is one of […]

Guest post by Jordi Scrubbings of The Serious Tip Well, that was disappointing, although not completely surprising. I’d like to say that the moment I heard the Seminoles were a 5-seed in the NCAA Tournament I prepared myself. I think I read something earlier this tournament that said the 12-seed upset is among the most […]

You guys know guest poster Jordi Scrubbings… you know one of the guys that write about the orange roundball sport. Anyway, he’s up on Deadspin today with some blather about FSU and March Madness, whatever the hell that is.

Soooo, I wasn’t feeling so hot and didn’t make it to the game yesterday. Sue me. But, the good news is that after last weekend’s Judi Garman Classic, the Noles moved UP to #22, and to top that off, they went all Goodfellas on Jacksonville University last night (see YouTube clip, careful there’s harsh language). […]

Quick post by Jordi Scrubbings of The Serious Tip According to Sports Law Blog, the Florida State University College of Law Entertainment, Arts, & Sports Law Society’s (EASL) 6th Annual Conference will be held this Saturday, March 21st at 11:00 AM. The conference will be held at the Florida State College of Law Rotunda in Tallahassee. […]

Thank you Dr. Saturday for brightening my day via my RSS Reader. It could be worse fans, yes the economy is bad and the baseball team isn’t great… but you could be a Gator, more specifically Corrine Brown… no, not in the Florida House, mind you… in the U.S. House of Representatives. No wonder people […]