Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I’m Ready For The Blackout, Are You?


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As much as I hate the blackout and the black uniforms, I’m ready for tomorrow night’s black out. My black Noles FSU polo is ready to roll, as it a black FSU sweatshirt since it’s supposed to be cooling off as the game goes on, and I’m a bit under the weather anyway.

One other note; I was at Garnet and Gold last night shopping for the sweatshirts, and the Cowgirls arrived. Let me be very, very frank they were discussing what to wear on Saturday and the suggestion was made that they not wear black in order to stand out. If they show up in anything other than black they should be booed. I’m just saying they should be BOOED. Yes ladies you are’s newly invented eye-candy / way for more press, but according to WC you were picked for your superior FSU spirit and knowledge. Wearing something other than black tomorrow night blows that idea out of the water.

As for the game:

  • Provided no arrests are made in the Union Footbrawl incident the other day, FSU should pull it out against B.C. in Doak Campbell Stadium.
  • Christian Ponder needs to improve his passing attack, but his feet should help carry FSU to victory.
  • Enjoy Jermaine Thomas while you can, he has star potential written all over him.
  • Graham Gano is on a hot streak, don’t kill him if it ends since he’s made 17/17 this season.
  • The FSU defense needs to tighten up behind the D-Line.
  • Preston Parker is going to have a breakout game someday, right?

I’m stick with my prediction… Noles win! Wear black!


5 Responses to “I’m Ready For The Blackout, Are You?”
  1. Gurney Halleck says:

    Is it weird that I hate the idea of us having a “blackout” and still think our black unis look awesome? As to the Clemson game last weekend, it was great to finally go to a game at Doak and it be an FSU victory. Dating back to ’06 every game I’ve been to in Tally, we’ve lost.

  2. NNickNickNo Gravatar says:

    I agree. I hate the blackout and the black uniforms. We are garnet and gold, not black. It’s a gimmick to make money, and I won’t buy any black FSU stuff. I’ll wear a black t-shirt but when it is cold, my garnet FSU sweatshirt is going on over it.

    I’m also not too high on Warchant-sponsored “Cowgirls”. I just want to see a win in our black uniforms against a team that is not Duke. If we don’t beat BC in them tomorrow, they should be retired. I think they should be retired anyway (never been created is more like it), but for something that is supposed to get the team up for a game, it has yet to be shown that they work.

  3. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    GH, yeah it’s a little tiny bit weird, but that’s okay, we like you here. ;-)

    NNN, I agree, if FSU loses, they should retire those bad boys… the Garnet on Garnet has only 1 loss in it’s history, against Kentucky last year and the mojo from that combo almost pulled out the miracle.

  4. TNNo Gravatar says:

    FSU’s athletic department really doesn’t like what he does with those cowgirls. C&D letters sent, for sure.

    I like the blackout.

  5. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    The FSU Athletic Dept just wants to control all of the rights to make money too… as far as I can tell there’s no wrong doing with the Cowgirls, so C&D letters would be pointless.