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Shut Up Tomahawk Nation


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I should be talking about the Clemson game tomorrow, and giving a ridiculously quick prediction. I’ll do that a little later, thanks to Tomahawk Nation’s rant Shut Up Drew Weatherford.

Read it for yourself and then come back here to read the following rant.

Dear Tomahawk Nation,

Are you really fans of FSU football? I’m curious, because what is the point of taking the piss out of the 3rd string QB at this point? Why so serious hyper-critical? Or are you just the mass of angry know-it-all I played <insert lower level of football here> fans that are never happy unless FSU wins by 60?

I’m tired of you pissing on Drew Weatherford.  I’m endlessly subjected to reading about how awful of a QB the guy was, and how great Christian Ponder is doing. You continuously point to the stats and imply blame for the previous 3 seasons craptastic efforts by FSU football. The last time I checked, there was a pourous defense, a crappy offensive line and a horrible running game to compliment the efforts of Weatherford, all of which are improved this season.  Oh yeah, and for TWO of those seasons he had Jeff Bowden and Daryl Dickey telling him what to do. But we’ll just look the other way because it’s convenient.

I agree that Drew Weatherford may not be the best QB in America, but he has heart and character, something that many of the other players in FSU football lack. Please see today’s list of Bert Reed, Nigel Carr and Jarmon Fortson. You also forget that a lot of the members of his class came to play at FSU because of Drew Weatherford, his leadership and potential, and at the time it looked like one hell of a class. Sometimes things don’t turn out how we expect. Should he be starting? I don’t know. Should he have gotten a shot? Yes, one more shot, which may have only lasted a few quarters, but he still deserved it for what he’s put up with throughout his career at FSU, including a head coach in waiting that is basically saying screw off to to guys like Drew, while worrying about building his own maybe-kinda-sorta dynasty whenever Coach Bowden desides to hang them up. That’s Jimbo Fisher’s perogative, but it does screw over Drew in a way.

What’s with all the animosity to Weatherford? Did he spit in your Corn Flakes? If Christian Ponder or D’Vontrey Richardson spoke up, that would be “leadership” according to you, but when Weatherford is honest about his situation and his feelings about it, you lambast the kid? Why? He’s still a Seminole. I guess going after the “stats” was no longer enough of a thrill, and now you have to personally attack him?

Specifically, what’s with all the venom? On the other QBs:

Things they do better:

  • Throw
  • Run
  • Read defenses
  • Lead the team
  • Understand the offense

Things Weatherford does better

  • Stand stoically on the sideline
  • whine, bitch, and moan.

Every time I read your articles about Weatherford, I think the same thing “whine, bitch and moan.” Let it go, it’s not like he’s seeing a down. Mr. Couch QB Coach should be happy with that, right?

Please, stop talking about it.  I bet that sigh was full of leadership and determination.  It’s never a good sign when Gator and Cane fans are openly rooting for you to keep your job.

What a joke.  It’s pretty clear that he’s failed to realize just how lucky he was to ever play a snap in major college football.

Lucky? Evidently according to you, Drew can’t tie his shoes without assistance from coaching staff. Nobody will shine with a bad offensive line, guys that have no heart and an inept coaching staff.

Seriously, enjoy a nice cup of STFU this morning, okay?




10 Responses to “Shut Up Tomahawk Nation”
  1. Anonymous says:

    TN is a great blog, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Ranting on here defending DW is just as bad (as you claim) that TN criticized him.

  2. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t disagree that TN is generally a great blog Anon, and I didn’t say they’re aren’t entitled to their opinions. Defending a Nole isn’t as bad as telling him to shut up though, and quite frankly Drew deserves a defense if TN is going to go on the offensive.

  3. ChiliNo Gravatar says:

    Anon, we’re all in agreement that TN is great. Personally, I don’t care about the Weatherford/Ponder thing. I read the TN post and I thought that it was a little harsh considering the player on whom they were shitting played for their team, and I immediately thought of ScalpEm when they spoke of Nole writers who rally around Weatherford. Of course ScalpEm wasn’t the only source of pro-DW writing they were referencing, but I thought that if they were going to go after pro-DW sources they should at least mention them by name. Of course it’s an easily defended position, TN can just claim they weren’t talking about ScalpEm at all and all of this is overreaction, but I think it’s obvious they were taking a shot, at least indirectly, at ScalpEm.
    That being said, I like both sites and think they both bring something different to the discussion, I’m just stating my opinion here.

  4. TNNo Gravatar says:


    I have to make this quick and should have more tomorrow, but I will answer your questions with a few of my own.

    Why is a 3rd string QB speaking out against the coaching staff and saying that he is better than the current starter?

    The last time I checked, there was a pourous defense, a crappy offensive line and a horrible running game to compliment the efforts of Weatherford, all of which are improved this season.

    I don’t believe the offensive line’s pass blocking is improved. In fact, I think they are noticeably worse in pass protection. I also argue that the running game is improved in part because of Ponder’s ability to run, which keeps backside defenders honest.

    I do agree with the Dickey and Jeff comment, but I ask you “How long have they each had in Fisher’s system?”

    This though, this comment is anti-competitive: Yes, one more shot, which may have only lasted a few quarters, but he still deserved it for what he’s put up with throughout his career at FSU The best players should play. It’s not about putting in your time and deserving a shot to play; it’s about 11. The best 11 should play. In addition, it’s not as if Drew was unproven. He had a shot– 33 games worth, and showed why he should not starting in that rather huge sample set. I root for FSU, not an individual player. I don’t think this decision “screws” DW in any way. Deciding to start the guy who others knew wasn’t as good as the backup would screw the team.

    The list was in response to the quote “they do a few things better than me, but they’re not better than me.” I was being literal with the top part of the list, and underscoring the outrageous of his statement with the 2nd part.

    Drew can tie his shoes with the best of ‘em, but he’s foolish to come out and make these comments. Would any other team tolerate this stuff? He is a 3rd string quarterback. 3rd string. Yet, he comes out and openly questions the decisions of the coaching staff. What if Rod Owens came out and said “I’m clearly the best WR out there, but I respect their decision.” We would all laugh.

    We all feel bad for Weatherford, but he loses the sympathy points when he comes with these opinions; opinions that are wrong in the eyes of most observers. To do so on the heels of some serious praise from Jimbo was ill-advised (and yes I know about their altercation on the sideline). He just needs to be quiet.

    I think we will continue to disagree on this, but I think some of the worship (not by you, who I usually consider a moderate on the issue) borders on rooting for Drew at the expense of the team.

  5. TNNo Gravatar says:

    Responding to Chili’s comment,

    nobody will believe this, but I wasn’t talking about NoleCC when I referenced the writers. I was actually referring to the print guys. It seemed that there was a rash of print articles on a 3rd string QB (probably 3 or 4 that I read within a few days) and I was annoyed, thinking to myself “we have a 6-2 football team that’s ranked 22nd in the country with a ton of young players that nobody is familiar with and our beat writers are writing articles on the 3rd string qb. Let’s end the love fest.”

    The writers often pile on to each other’s stuff during the season. A great example early on was penalties: even though the research shows that the more heavily penalized team usually WINS the game, the beat crew was consistently thumping the penalties drum.

    I sincerely apologize if you thought this was aimed at you, CC. It was not.

  6. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


    He’s 3rd string, but he’s a 5th year senior, and a 3 year starter prior to that, it’s not like he’s been washing jocks and holding clipboards his whole life. And I think at times I get framed as wanting Drew to start. I don’t anymore, because there’s no point when an O-line can’t pass block. He still should have gotten a chance to prove his merit in the games against the high school teams, some guys are gamers and some aren’t, so the “judged in practice to be better” argument never flies with me.

    We can continue to disagree on this… I think we always will, but there’s no need to apologize. While I never believed it was aimed DIRECTLY at me, you can lump me in with the beat writers that still find Weatherford’s situation as an interesting topic.

    No worries though, I still think 99% of the stuff TN does is good… I like the site, and it continues to improve.

    FWIW the Rod Owens comment is funny, but not similar to Drew’s situation. Again, regardless of talent, he was the starting QB for many games over the last 3 years. It makes him a more relevant topic than some walk-on scrub. Also, it’s not like he’s out there voicing an opinion without being asked, the reporters want a story and Drew is telling it like he feels. What’s wrong about that? He thinks he’s the best, and he should, but he respects that the coaches went a different route. I don’t see why that’s a bad thing.

  7. RichNo Gravatar says:

    Is this much ado about nothing? Like an ex-President, Nole fans will determine Drew’s legacy on their own over the years — ranging from a regretful exit by a noble character guy who gave us some great games, to sour grapes from a player who had every chance but lacked the supporting cast to mask deficiencies to be remembered as fondly as say the workmanlike Thad Busby.

  8. raoulNo Gravatar says:

    I am just glad that the offense can move the ball this year. The other QB’s cannot throw or read the defense better. Christian is just as bad as Drew throwing the deep ball. And he is horrible throwing the deep out.

    He does have the ability to make plays and that’s a plus. That’s what has improved the most is playmaking ability. However our receivers probably would have more production with Drew at QB. I am happy with Christian but to I have to agree with this article in saying that i don’t understand the need to beat Drew up. Christian has done well. But he still has alot of improving to do. I want to see what he is gonna do vs. the Defenses we have coming up.

  9. Ecwforever says:

    Tomahawknation rules and Drew drools. But at least it’s elsewhere now.

  10. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Ecw… seriously? A thread from November?