Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

FSU vs. Clemson Ridiculously Quick Prediction Time


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For a Tiger point of view head over to where you can read gems like this:

Chili: WILLY KORN goes into the game in the 4th quarter and throws the football to Aaron Kelly, only the football is being held by CJ Spiller at the time. Oh, and CJ just got the invincibility star so that wacky music is playing and he’s flashing through the majority of the technicolor spectrum. Players attempt to tackle him but are popped off the screen. He summersaults into the air and into Kelly’s arms and they score a touchdown. Bobby Bowden somehow maintains bowel control while watching this – a supposition that is surely the least plausible of this entire prediction.
Puddin’ shits, awwwwright.

Clemson 33, FSU 28

Willy Mac: I know we have the players to match up athletically and physically to Florida State, I just don’t think we have the right formula to beat them this year. If you’ll take a look at my previous predictions this season, I’ve been pretty close on the past few (not tooting my own horn)(No, Willy, that’s EXACTLY tooting your own horn – Chili).  This one is a tough one to predict.  I know that they have a spectacular defense and that they can play good in primetime games again.  I know they have the ability to come back and will if given the chance to do so.  I also think a hand of fate stepped in last week and gave us a push over Boston College.  I don’t think that same hand of fate will be there to help us out this week.

Florida State 20, Clemson 14

Fine… I’ll join in…

NoleCC’s response to Chili: On the very next series, Jermaine Thomas enters the ball game for FSU and proceeds to take the hand-off from 3rd string QB Drew Weatherford. Thomas tosses the ball to Bert Reed, who is using his invisibility power to cloak the fact that he’s suspended and not allowed to play in the game. Weatherford hulks up and throws a lead block for Reed, who pitches the ball back to Jermaine “Sonic” Thomas… who then spins his red shoes into a flurry of speed and out runs everyone for the game winning TD.

FSU 35, Clemson 33

….. Yes Chili I know it was lame…..

NoleCC’s response to Willy Mac: I think it’s a toss up too. Clemson is very talented, and the FSU defense isn’t as scary as Block-C thinks it is.  If the Noles have the mental toughness to rebound from a tough GT loss, then they’ll win a solid one at home. If not, Clemson pulls out the squeaker. And not to toot my own horn either, but I was 4/17 on the Pick ‘Em last week against the spread, so we all know how accurate my predictions are…

Noles 38, Tigers 24


3 Responses to “FSU vs. Clemson Ridiculously Quick Prediction Time”
  1. Willy MacNo Gravatar says:

    *Squats…. grunts… Bill and the rest of FSU nation share a nice, frothy, butter pecan flavored cup compliments of Willy Mac*

  2. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Two Tigers, 1 Cup

  3. Justin HallNo Gravatar says:

    Clemson vs FSU will win 72 to 49 with FSU winning